A coaching clients story…

This clients story takes us from late 2019 to mid 2020. We are still working together, however these are the results they’ve achieved so far;

When I met Sam* through networking I was impressed with the business owner before me. They quickly got to know that with me they can say anything and admitted that going it alone after a highly successful career working for someone else was very scary and they had so many questions;

  • Could I make enough money to pay the mortgage?
  • Would I be working endless hours like I used to?
  • Would I be able to learn how to get clients – I’m rubbish at sales” They said.
  • I feel like an imposter doing this, I know my industry, but I really don’t know if I can go out there and sell myself?
  • Would it be a costly waste of time and money and see me returning to the job I loathed?

We have worked together 4 times in 11 months. And this is how awesome they and their business are;

  1. They originally wanted to make enough to pay the mortgage. They have made a profit that is 150% times what they aimed for. So, they are now earning 50% more than they were when employed!
  2. They are building confidence to talk to people about business and have a steady stream of enquiries. These are not just the standard priced customers; they are also attracting higher fee-paying customers.
  3. They have new enquiries coming in all the time. Their marketing is working!
  4. They are learning to ask for the contract and value their worth, this means that they are not working for free and know how to say no politely. They still can risk over delivering but are learning the damage this can have to profit margins, sleep, a life outside of business and the ability to grow and sustain that growth.

Moving forward;

  1. We are going to continue to build their confidence, so that if/when it dips as we include bigger scarier goals, they know they’ve always got that parachute of support to slow them down and stop feeling the fear and reverting to low prices and over delivering that leaves them exhausted. Learning how to remain positive so that they get the results they want for themselves and their business.
  2. We are looking at ways to automate more of the business, so they free up more days each month to engage with more high fee customers, gain their contracts and double their profit (again.)
  3. By the end of their second year of trading we are working on a really scary goal, so we are going to ensure we break it down into 6-week planners with minimal actions (usually 2 a week) so that they don’t’ become overwhelmed.
  4. They have in place a support system so when it does feel tough (and let’s be honest everyone at work has tough times) they know who they can rely on. They know that includes their coach who thinks they are amazing and more than capable of achieving any size goal they set.

And as I remind them, I share with you “The day you realise how amazing you, the world had better stand back, because you can have anything you want!”

I’m happy to have a chat anytime. Whether you work for a large team or are all on your own. I’ve a proven record of accomplishment helping people perform exceptionally well and enjoy the life they lead. Get in touch to confidentially discuss your needs anytime.

*Name changed because my client is awesome, and I will be there moving forward, and we don’t want to add any pressure to their awesomeness.

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