Week 5 Masterclass – Homework

I have to start this week’s master class by saying “Go Nila!”

Great to get such powerful feedback that you are not only getting new business from working with me in these master classes, but getting business while we are actually doing them, priceless!”

So to reinforce the home work we set, here is my quick top tips guide to getting the most out of the session;

This week we were looking at how to make money sat on a beach. Or how to make the sales, new opportunities and new leads while busy elsewhere. You don’t have to have the shades and a cocktail, they are optional!
The first thing I raised your awareness to is whether you have to physically be in the room to do business and make money. Check out my sales mountain here to learn more and revisit the master class here – http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/how-to-climb-the-sales-mountain-to-success/ https://www.facebook.com/MandieHolgateBizWomanCoach/videos/1120681857992262/

The sales mountain is also good for introducing people to your products and services. (We can work on that in another master class!)

We talked about what you wanted to achieve to make money on a beach. So what was the goal?

We took a 14 day period and looked at creating the clear goal. What is your clear goal? Increased sales, keeping on customers radars, getting back on pasts customers radar, or reminding customers how much you genuinely care about delivering the very best service to them? Remember if people love all that you do already then just being useful relevant and interesting is going to still matter greatly to them.

We talked about the need to clearly define what the 14 day period would look like so that you could structure your strategy. (I also talked about how I even won an award sat on my butt, so this stuff really works guys! And if you watch the master class I share what I achieved last summer with 26 days with my Wi-Fi turned off – I bet with the right strategy you could even beat that!)

Don’t forget the TRUST strategy from master class 2 and if you missed that one (that has helped Nila gain new business!) you can watch it again here http://www.mandieholgate.co.uk/master-class-4-homework-if-you-really-want-results/

So when you have a clearly defined goal. How do you want to make your customers feel?

What do you want talk about?

What tools from the Marketing Production line will you use? (You missed that session too? Head to the home page to download a copy of that or for a more comprehensive and in-depth level of help get the course on the website too.)


Don’t get random – keep it clear.

Don’t get sales – remember TRUST!

Ask people how they like to communicate – don’t assume.

Automate – we talked about the joys of Facebook’s automation, Hootsuite and how you could get clever with Mailchimp and Survey monkey and not just for 2 weeks into the Autumn too.

And remember its not just about automating but about what time of day you automate. Shocking what time of day we spend the most money online wasn’t it!

Market Research can play a key role here and factor in the next few months of your marketing and sales success so think about how the next 2 weeks marketing strategy will utilise that?

I also mentioned the Business Womans Network Double Dog Dare Challenge on our Facebook page and that got many of you commenting and I challenged you that you only ever share videos when you’ve spent half a day prepping your hair and makeup. Come on guys yes videos are great professional and smart but we also want the real you. Remember we do business with people we know, like and trust, so we want the genuine ones, like the one I mocked up in the master class. So I challenge you, I lay down the gauntlet to get some instant YouTube and Facebook videos short and sweet online showcasing your brand.

What can you automate? What could you film while away and utilise on your return?

Stop hiding and start showcasing why you!

So lastly who will you put as your sales manager?

Remember how I said if you worked for someone else you would have to report your sales to them. What is your expected sales this month? What did you achieve last month? How will you achieve that target? And so on and so on? So who will you answer to? Will you post your targets on my Facebook page, Nicki Doherty went straight in there and posted a picture of a post it note with how many new sign ups she would have to her data base by the end of August. I love that clear concise goal. So come on how will you set a clear goal to ensure you make the sales while on a beach?

Don’t forget if you get this right you can create such an awesome marketing strategy that people won’t even know you are away! Now how cool is that?

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this weeks master class. Because I walk the walk I’ve done this homework already and the next 3 weeks master classes are pre-recorded and shorter so that you can get on the beach, enjoy the summer nights and have some fun. Or you can watch them back to back and they cover;

Your Mindset, powering up your success and networking skills. See you in September, subscribe to my Facebook and YouTube channels and post your questions on my Facebook business page for Septembers live sessions on a Tuesday afternoon.





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