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All doom and gloom

I remember as a child being told “Mandie Timns you ‘re all doom and gloom!”. I was always Mrs Happy, Positive I love life or Mrs Oh no the worlds’ ending. (That’s why I know we can all change, because I have!)

As a child I loved Lost in Space and the sad robot was who I was compared to most of the time. It’s not easy to change however it is something we can all do.

So last night I was lucky enough to slide into a beautiful full length ball gown covered in sequins, spend far too long getting ready and head out to celebrate the finest businesses of my home county, Essex.

As a coach and Founder of The Business Womans Network I realise that one of my super powers is that I love business. Not just mine, everyone’s! I’m so ridiculously proud of everyone’s achievements and I’m very happy to be regaled with your business story, passion and ambitions. Therefore to spend the evening with so many businesses that I’ve helped, watched and loved for years and to see their faces light up on hearing their name called out was sheer joy.

But here’s the thing. Many of the speakers and guests were also overjoyed at everyone’s success and passion however I couldn’t help noticing the doom and gloom.

Into too many speeches in my view Brexit reared it’s stupid, unruly head. (This is not a political post so you are safe to read on.)

Why does this matter?

Surely it is something that is happening right now and could impact on all businesses?

Last time I looked I was not a politician or the Prime Minister so getting stressed about Brexit achieves nothing. On a celebratory night to mention the B word was just as useful.

Have you noticed how two people both have the same end destination or goal and yet only one will get there despite similar skills, beliefs and passion, why?

And what does that have to do with Brexit?

Concentrating on the negative around us is not good for business, we do need to be mindful of what could impact on success, our teams, our suppliers and profit margins however ultimately you don’t have control over Brexit so talking about it only creates fear, tension, negativity and nervousness – and consider any big occasion in your life, were those feelings and thoughts useful or damaging?

It is mindful to remember that bad news sells, not good news, and as such if you want proof that it’s all doom and gloom you are going to be able to find it,  however if you want to hear that business is good, people are seeing record breaking sales, profit margins and companies are sustaining growth despite smaller budgets, then you can find evidence of that too.

You see the human is a clever thing, it can look where it’s told to, the brain in all humans can be powered up for greatness or reduced to a nervous bundle of oozing do nothing just with a thought. So if you concentrate on the negative your actions will be impacted upon.

This is not pie in the sky, airy fairy “your coach believes in you” nonsense, this is factual. I can work with a team who know that there is no more money, there will be no extra staff, they do have far too many emails and the to do list seems to grow as fast as they tick things off – and despite what could be perceived as doom and gloom there company grows, the staff become happier and feel more respected, KPI’s are nailed and profits grow. What did I do?

  • I helped them see what they could control.
  • Accept what would always be fluid and that if you can’t fix/fight/change something you can still control what you choose to think – because thoughts impact on all results.
  • Be mindful where you look. Discussing doom and gloom brings doom and gloom to the forefront of your mind and the human mind loves to give you what you focus on.
  • If you don’t want doom and gloom be aware that it exists, that it could be impacting on your thoughts, feelings, actions and results and take responsibility for your choice of thoughts.

So often when I’m working with a new client I hear “We want to achieve this” and when I ask them to explain it in more detail there is no depth to their want for that goal. Which means that in times of uncertainty as we clearly could be considered as having right now, it’s imperative that you choose the calibre of your thoughts. Remember bad new sells, and you are not a news story.

Define your own direction. Don’t get pulled into a negative rabbit hole. Concentrate on what you want and how you are going to ensure you will get there, we all know someone that has achieved great things despite the odds.

That’s all of us right now.

Ditch the doom and gloom. Leave that for your competitors. I established The BWN in the middle of the last recession. If I’d listened to the doom and gloomers I’d have believed;

  • Now is not the time to grow, it’s time to batten down the hatches and survive.
  • No one is going to want to network in a recession.
  • No one is spending money on marketing or coaching.
  • People won’t travel to a remote hotel just to hang out with other business owners.

The list was long, and I didn’t’ listen to any of it. If anything I have always found that when everyone else is stunned like a rabbit in the headlights that is the perfect time to think big, plan well, structure the actions and concentrate on what you really want. Because you are likely to achieve despite anything. It’s your choice where you choose to focus your thoughts, energy and actions – choose wisely.

  • September 27, 2019

How To Get Bum’s On Seats

I have been asked on thousands of occasions “How do I get bums on seats?” “How can I get people to turn up?”

In a society where people have sussed that getting people to “see” what you do, enables sales the market is saturated with events to attend. From charity events, parties, MLM presentations, networking open days, taster days, surgeries, the list is endless. So no wonder getting bums on seats is not so easy.

Having hosted thousands events and as the network I founded The Business Womans Network comes up to celebrating it’s 10th birthday, I can safely say I know how to get bums on seats.

Why the weather can impact on sales.

How to sell tickets for your Christmas event from the South of France in July when your phone is turned off – heck you don’t know where it is!

And even how to get MP’s, journalists and TV celebrities to turn up!

So here are my quick top tips for making your event an ultimate success;

  1. The first thing I want you to remember is that because of my illness (Lupus) I am not able to work as many hours as I would like or use many of the routes to market that may be open to you, thus what I’m saying is, that if I can fill a course in 24 hours, if I can work with a small team to make ££££’s for charity in one evening with only 3 weeks prep, if I can make my networking group grow continuously, then these top tips WILL work if you get this right. (that was my bossy, kick butt voice, did you get that? It’s only because I genuinely care about you getting results.)
  2. Get yourself known as a thought leader first. Its a bit of a catch 22 situation, however if you want someone to attend your event, you need to make it obvious for them, that they should choose you over someone else. If I “Google” you online, what will I see? What would your target audience see? Wherever someone finds you it has to all add up to the same image, the same clear “This is what we do, and we do it exceptionally well.” How do you walk the walk on line and off line? Remember many people I’m working with right now have come to me over anyone else because of my online presence, wherever you go, you get the same version of Mandie Holgate. True authenticity and reputation speak to your clients often before you get the chance to – Can you say the same?
  3. Prove it. You’ve now got the perfect online image that says “we are the experts to learn from.” now prove it. Who have you worked with? Are your testimonials hidden on one page? Are they utilised across your entire marketing strategy?
  4. Results. Okay testimonials are lovely, but anyone can say something nice about you. It can end up as powerful as a like on Facebook (and a lot of likes does not equate to a lot of success), and lets be honest, I’ve only got 900ish likes on Facebook because I’ve never asked for a like. Okay across Twitter on my 2 accounts I’ve 8000+, however wherever I am on line they are genuine likes, and not the generic “Oooo if you like me, I will like you.” So you need to showcase in every aspect of your marketing the results that people can expect. How did you make that customer feel? What impact did it have on their life? Their Business? Their Success? Get specific. Use statistics and facts. Reinforce why people must attend your event.
  5. What’s that word of mouth saying? Quite often we “think” we are known for one thing and in actual fact it can be something else entirely. So find out. What do people actually feel you are good at? What do people feel you lack skill in? Tell people they have carte blanch right to be honest here. Remember criticism is your chance to learn and be a better version of you.
  6. Are you dynamic? Okay this one is a tad harsh, but hey you come to me for answers, and I won’t shy away from the harder ones to address…..so, remember when you were at school, the kid that you were friends with and got invited to their party and yet you questioned whether you should go, because that kid was considered “Uncool.” Do you feel people would want to spend the day/evening with you? Do you have pizazz? Can people believe that you are the expert that won’t bore them to death? In my experience sometimes really intelligent people, actually make poor trainers as they can lack people skills to appreciate other peoples needs and agendas. So are you someone that people want to spend time with? (And if you feel you lack charm or people skills – they are all learn-able – and I teach them.)
  7. Check your ooziness. Leading on nicely from pizazz, do you ooozzzzzeee the passion for the subject you want to host an event on? People buy into passion. We buy certain products because of the way they make us feel. So do you ooze the “Wowness”?
  8. Stop selling at people. Posting the link to your event a thousand time will not equate to a thousand guests, it will equate to a thousand people thinking “is that all they can talk abut!” Blog, share great images, share top tips, I find that I don’t need to sell my books, courses, training or coaching. Sharing enables people to see I’m their expert of choice and they buy into me as a product. So don’t sell at people, enable people to buy into you and feel like they are part of the cool team.
  9. After any event, no matter how small a group you end up with, its a start. Ensure you take pictures, and make sure there are no empty chairs in view. Remember if it is a small group, the only people that will know that are those that where in the room, and if you made them feel amazing, and if they walk out of the room thinking it was amazing, they will talk more about that feeling and what they learned than about how small the group was. If anything they will want to see it happen again and so will be happy to get involved in spreading the word for the next one, so how will you utilise that?
  10. Of all of these points work but don’t forget if you want to get bums on seats ask yourself “Do I utilise 8 to 10 tools off of Mandie’s Marketing Production Line.”
I have helped a lot of organisers of events, hotels, event management companies, networks, charities, marketing agencies, coach’s, therapists, accountants and even financial advisers get bums on seats for their events and ensure they get maximum benefit for their business out of the experience.
I’m happy to have a chat with you to assist and usually this is just a 2 hour coaching session and you are flying high – okay you get a lot of homework, a lot of back burner ideas, an action plan and a coach that will care about you forever – sorry I can’t help the last bit. I care passionately about your success – even if we only work together for 2 hours in your entire life!
  • March 7, 2019