YOu want to know how much?

If you would like to speak to happy customers to make your own decision on working with me. I'm happy to connect you with clients. Just email or telephone 44 (0) 1206 381482

1 to 1

1 to 1 coaching is powerful and gets results.

1. The session starts with lots of questions as I help you explore what you think is going on and what really is the issues/obstacles you face.

2. Together we create a ton of ideas. People tell me they aren't creative however I help all clients discover their own unique way of being creative to discover the way you think and create ideas and possible solutions tailored to you.

2. It's all too easy to create too big a plan. So we create a plan of action.

Additional ideas are listed as back burner ideas (great if you are on a tight budget to explore on your own later. Or part of our follow up sessions to take action on.) This ensures you don't get overwhelmed with your plan of action and achieve what you aim to.

You receive a detailed coaching report listing everything discussed, everything you could do, your structured plan of action, connections and ideas.

I don't create packages because this process is unique to you. In 16 years of coaching I've never seen 2 identical sessions.

To maximise the results of coaching with you have a session every 4 to 8 weeks. These clients see the highest impact - 500% profit margins, best profits every month, reduced stress at work, better time management, even being invited onto the board of directors!

I appreciate this is an investment so if you are on a tight budget I will ensure I pack as much as I can in to those 2 hours and then you can join my confidential mastermind group to get additional support - you also get 70% off of my courses to further your learning and success too. Learn more here.

Please note I'm booking clients into the following year so my ad hoc availability is limited. It's best to call to (44) 1206 381482 to discuss your requirements and avoid disappointment.

Starts from £250 per hour

You & your team

Whether it's you and your  friends (minimum 10), a team of managers or your whole company. I can create something very unique to you.

What's the brief?

Every speaking engagement and team coaching day is tailor made to you.

Tell me what you and your organisation is dealing with - the stress, the obstacles, the inter departmental relationships, the goals to be achieved and I will coach them to better ways of working, thinking and acting.

There is no guilt or blame in these sessions. Everyone is enabled to grow and develop as an individual and as a team. It's amazing what can happen in just 1 day! 

I've seen teams get on better instantly. That team member who can find fault in everything is suddenly on board, and the micro management and poort meeting progress is improved within hours!

Subjects we can cover (but not exclusive include):


Time management.

Change and adaptability.

Stress management.


Goal setting and achieving.

Communications skills.

Mindset and confidence.

Creative thinking and solutions.

Business growth.

Building powerful teams.

Company ethics and vision.


This can be hosted as a 3 hour session, 1 to 2 day sessions, lunch time learnable or long term programme to fit your L and D needs.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss and I will make suggestions on where we start. It's usually a team day, then accordingly 1 2 1 sessions and a leadership day. 

I promise to do my best to fit your budgets. 

Prices from £7950 day
£4500 half day


My online courses and training means that wherever you are in the world we can work together.

This cuts your costs and minimises disruption to your organisation.

I have online courses that enable you to work at your own pace and I've written tailor made courses for teams that are then supported with 1 2 1 and team coaching.

Utilise the tools and techniques that I know work exceptionally including CBT, CAT, NLP, Coaching, Psychology and even philosophy. 

Existing courses;

Individuals looking to achieve more.

Pre-start up and start up businesses.

Well established businesses.

Sole traders.

And some of the largest organisations in the world.

Building confidence.

Finding your target audiences.

These tools work and I want to share them with you too!

All courses have been uniquely designed from the experience I have and take into account how busy you are and the big ambitions you have.

They are small lessons, building up into a lesson plan that ensures you take action. 

I've been advised that my delegates would have paid between £200 and £450 for the content on my courses. (No, I won't be changing the pricing structure! They are ridiculously low prices because I want to ensure I'm there for those that need me and how would love coaching however just can't invest at this time.)

All courses can be hosted as speaking engagements and training sessions too.

£95 to £195 per course

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