I appreciate coaching is an investment. I can fit most budgets, creating something tailored to you and your team.

I work with leaders and their teams and business owners. I also work with third and public sector organisations.

I care deeply about being there for you and your team, so it is my promise that I will do all I can to fit your budget. 

You are unique, so your time with me will be unique to ensure exceptional results. I’m happy to connect you with customers to understand how powerful this approach is.

Email to discuss or +44 (0) 1206 381482 / +44 (0) 798 993 556 for more information.

1 to 1

1. Coaching sessions start with you being able to dump the contents of your head onto me.

Guilt free.

We explore what it all means and how it’s impacting on you, your actions and success personally and professionally.

2. We create a ton of ideas. People say they aren’t creative, however together we discover your unique way of being creative to honour how you think so you can create ideas and solutions. It create real Eureka moments! 

3. Going it alone you can make the mistake of creating a huge plan of action that doesn’t get completed. I know how to prevent that and ensure you are accountable and achieve what you set out to.

You will have so many ideas so some will be Back Burner ideas (great if you are on a tight budget to explore on your own later. Or part of our follow up sessions.) This ensures you don’t get overwhelmed with your plan of action, stay focused and achieve.

You receive a detailed coaching report listing everything discussed, everything you could do, your structured plan of action, connections and ideas.

To maximise the results of coaching we work together every 4 to 8 weeks. This sees the fastest most sustainable result;

  • 500% profit margins.
  • Trebling profit in 1st year of trading.
  • No confidence, to speaking on a stage with 2000 people and agreeing to do it 4 more times!
  • Reduced stress at work and working less hours.
  • Even being invited onto the board of directors!

I appreciate this is an investment so if you are on a tight budget I will ensure I pack as much as I can in to those 2 hours and you can join my confidential mastermind group to get additional support – you also get 70% off of my courses to further your learning and success. Learn more here.

Please note I am booking clients into the next 16 months so even if you wish to get started in 6 months time, it is advisable to book now to avoid disappointment.

You are welcome to call to discuss +44 (0) 1206 381482 

Starts from £225 per hour

You & Team

You want to empower, inspire and support your team.

You may feel there are issues impacting on them, that they are close to burn out or just want to give them a boost and help them perform powerfully together.

I create something very unique to you that can get results you don’t think are possible in 90 minutes.

Tell me what you and your organisation is dealing with – the stress, the obstacles, the interdepartmental 

relationships, the goals to be achieved and I will coach and mentor them to better ways of working, thinking and acting. 

(Without needing to discuss the issues directly). This removes guilt or blame and gets fast lasting results.

Everyone is enabled to grow and develop as an individual and as a team. It’s amazing what can happen in just 1 day! 

  • I’ve seen teams understand each other better instantly.
  • That team member who can find fault in everything is suddenly on board and more productive. 
  • The micro management and poor meetings stop.
  • Those that state they have to work until 10pm stop within a week!
  • Less emails are sent.
  • Autonomy and opportunities to explore ideas delivers improvements people hadn’t even considered!
  • Stress is reduced and people report they “can’t put our finger on it, but everything just seems to flow.”

Subjects we can cover (but not exclusive include):

  • Leadership.
  • Time management.
  • Overworking.
  • Resilience.
  • Change and adaptability.
  • Stress management.
  • Productivity.
  • Goal setting and achieving.
  • Communications skills.
  • Mindset and confidence.
  • Creative thinking and solutions.
  • Business growth.
  • Building powerful teams.
  • Company ethics and vision.
  • Agility.

This can be hosted as a 3 hour session, 1 to 2 day sessions, lunch time learnable or long term programme to fit your needs.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss and I will suggest where we start. It’s usually a team day, then accordingly 1 2 1 sessions and a leadership day. 

This does not take up a lot of time to get started. I will only need 30 minutes of your time (maximum).

Prices from £5000 day
or £2750 half day


My online courses and coaching fits your life. 24.7

This cuts your costs and minimises disruption to you and your organisation.

I have online courses that enable you to work at your own pace.

Utilise the tools and techniques that I know work exceptionally including CBT, CAT, DBT, NLP, Coaching, Psychology, Philosophy, even Da Vinci has been known to feature! 

5 Star courses include;

  • How to find your target audiences and get them buying – delegates tend to put their prices up too!
  • Pre start up and new businesses learn fundamental skills to build and sustain profitable businesses..
  • How to utilise free marketing strategies to sell 24/7.
  • How to blog to become an influencer that sells (with little effort.) Raise your profile above your competitors.
  • How to write, promote and sell your first book.
  • How to communicate with anyone any where and get what you want.
  • How to deliver an elevator pitch that sells – this works fast. Next networking event you attend you could sell at!
  • How to rocket your confidence in a weekend – this course has the most 5 star reviews, it’s that fast and that good.
  • Building confidence.
  • The fundamentals of business and how jumping these will cost you dearly.
  • How to be resilient no matter what. 

These courses have been known to deliver results in 24 hours. It depends how fast you work. 

They are uniquely designed taking into account how busy you are and the big ambitions you have. 

Small easy to action lessons, building into a lesson plan that ensures you take action and get results.

Delegates say they’d have paid treble the price of each course because of the results they get!

All courses can be hosted as speaking engagements and training sessions too.

£95 to £195 per course

Mandie’s highly acclaimed book!


Taking Control of your Mind: Lifehacks to resilience, Happiness And success

“Mandie has compressed a wealth of exceptional information from her own professional experience so that it is easily digestible and beneficial for those looking to expand and improve their own potential. Within this book is a clear-cut guide to help you better understand your own patterns, so you can understand the power of harnessing your mental strength.” – Leon Ho, CEO and Founder of Lifehack

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