Why choose me as your Coach?

Mandie Holgate coach

Mandie was one of the UK’s youngest Automotive Bodyshop Managers in the UK and for over 20 years has been helping businesses and individuals achieve to heights they didn’t even know where possible, fixing lifelong limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles to success.

Sharing creative solutions and ideas that give clients real Eureka moments that lead to client's first 6 figure contracts, being successful international speakers and life-changing opportunities.

Overcoming massive adversity herself Mandie knows that what you think has a massive impact on what you get. Mandie believes Success is better shared and has an ethos that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to see results. 

Multi award winning and internationally recognised Mandie knows how to rocket confidence, grow successful businesses, change careers and get what you want. Founder of The Business Woman’s Network widely respected as an exceptional resource for women in business by MEP’s, international authors and speakers and one of top 100 Small Business in the UK as recognised by the government.

Mandie's latest book is now published in Russian, Czech, Turkish and Arabic receiving acclaim from celebrities, international speakers and authors and is changing lives. 

There are a lot of coaches out there, you need one that walks the walk right?

  1. Invited to the House of Lords and 10 Downing Street for my work with businesses. 
  2. Regularly featuring in the press, winning awards and packing events sat on the beach (Happy to share how!) 
  3. Enabled clients to go on to be considered national and world experts in their professions including in the world of plastic surgery, Coaching, holidays, interior design, Illustrator & Product Designer and wedding cakes and helped clients gain massive media coverage as well as gaining more clients and overcoming fears that impact on success.
  4. In 1 session increase sales by 33%.
  5. Helped a business owner in 1 session change their online strategy and within 2 hours they'd had 7 leads and 5 sales.
  6. Helped 1 business owner with a 20 year fear of public speaking successfully speak to 300 of their peers and go on to book 2 other speaking engagements after 1 session.
  7. I’ve won international awards including 50 international inspirational women, national magazines role Model for women, Global Entrepreneurship High Impact Award, top 100 UK Small Businesses.
  8. Attended think tanks at the Home Office, Dept Trade and Industry, Downing Street & House of Lords looking at the issues that impact on business success. and on a woman’s success including the Glass Ceiling.
  9. Regularly called upon to talk in the media about matters relating to mental health, confidence, women and business.
  10. I’m a well-respected speaker for many business organisations as well as national charitable organisations, The NHS, Universities and known for motivating and empowering my audiences into action.
  11. Stephen Fry once described me as a great blogger and I write for numerous international publications including Life hack where 1 article had over 40,000 views in one month. (This helped with the book offer!)

This is not about bragging, this is about sharing with you that I learnt how to do this, and despite Lupus I get the results I want and I'm really excited to find out how I could help you too! 

  • Not 100% happy? Don't pay.
  • No need to book a minimum number of sessions or packages. 
  • On a tight budget? We will pack in as much as we can into a 1 hour session.
  • I don't clock watch (Unless you want me to) This is about results.
  • Book 1 hour, 2 hours or 3. Any more than that and your head my explode!
  • Full coaching report sent to you within 1 week of the session highlighting everything we discussed, everything you could do and everything you are going to do.
  • Keep in touch in a way that suits you to ensure you take action, stay on motivated, on course and get results!
  • Homework is discussed in detail checking your mindset around the goals to ensure success.
  • A full time Mum that suffered a severe mental health illness that nearly killed me I also self harmed which led me to learning talking therapies and training as a coach. 
  • I have Lupus and 2 other autoimmune diseases and Fibromyalgia, I know how to grow a successful business and look after my health, mental well being and happiness. (I'm happy to share that with you too.)
  • I am a multi award winning business woman.
  • I used to have an horrific fear of public speaking and couldn't even deliver a 60 second elevator pitch, I now love public speaking and I'm employed by companies such as Virgin Care, The NHS, MedBic, Enterprise Agencies, Business Exhibitions, Universities and the Third Sector.

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Fight the Fear: How to beat your negative mindset and win in life

Fight the Fear will help you get the results you want by helping you to overcome your fears one step at a time. In short, easy-to-read, jargon-free chapters, you’ll discover proven strategies, skills and tools to help you deal with typical situations we all dread such as saying no, appearing confident without being arrogant, asking for what you want, public speaking and picking up the phone. Don't miss out on life's big opportunities, now you can manage your fear so it doesn't restrict you - there's nothing you can't handle.

Now in Czech, Russian, Turkish and Arabic!

Receiving international acclaim around the world!

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