Client Results...

  • Zero absenteeism for 9 months (in lockdown) for 224 members of staff.
  • Smashed sales targets - team of 3.
  • Increased profit by 500% in 5 months.
  • Overcome fear of public speaking to speak at an international virtual event.
  • Best profit margins ever, every month for the last 2 year - established 12 year old business.
  • Improved a new board members communication skills to be more innovative, interactive and respectful.
  • Stopped a team of 200 working evenings and weekends with time management and performance coaching.
  • Helped reduce costs by £1.4 million through a 2 year coaching programme.
  • Increased average product price from £5 to £750 with coaching and the new Blogging for business course
  • Now selling on social media (never managed it before) with the Target audience and Sales courses.
  • Heading for burnout business owner coached to reassess business model to restore work life.
  • Shy team member now sharing ideas and engaging in team meetings.

"You blew them away! The managers have been buzzing, I’ve had emails from staff saying they really enjoyed the session and the managers have verbally been told how good it was.

One very low member of staff came back to work saying what an amazing day and how much better she felt."

Elizabeth Kingsford, Virgin Care

"I was struggling to work on business as I was only working in my business. Working with Mandie has pushed me out of my comfort zone to work on parts of my business I kept putting off. Last year was my best year for annual turnover. Mandie is personable, knowledgeable and passionate about me and my business. Highly recommend her."

Michelle Wicker, Little Rock Employment Law Specialists

You Need

  • Happier more productive staff
  • More confidence
  • More profit
  • More money, people, tech
  • More focus
  • More Business
  • More Success
  • More Recognition
  • More Action
  • More Focus
  • My clients get all of this often without investing in anything other than coaching!

You Are...

  • Burnt out.
  • Overworked and exhausted
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Unable To Find Solutions
  • Tried everything
  • Scared to Ask For what You Want
  • Suffering from The Imposter Syndrome
  • Scared to change.
  • Worried about the future
  • Never getting to the end of the to do list.
  • Desperate for positive change!

How do we achieve this?

Most 1 to 1 clients see me every 4 to 6 weeks. If we're looking after your team the optimum would be 1 day for the whole organisation, then 1 leadership day and then 1 2 1 sessions according to what we discover.

If you are on a tight budget please still get in touch, I've got a lot of ways I can help.

My coaching incorporates elements of CBT, CAT, NLP, psychology, coaching (obviously) and even philosophy - it's very unique and very powerful.

Coaching is not the only option; A confidential mastermind group, books and courses.

Learn more here.

learn with me at your own pace from £5*

Not sure coaching is right for you?

 You can learn at your own pace some accessing highly effective strategies for small businesses, business owners, leaders, management teams and large organisations across all sectors.

Books start at £12.95, Mastermind group £5 a month, Online courses from £95;

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