I appreciate that not everyone can invest in coaching with me, so I’ve created these courses that could seriously help you with areas of your personal and professional life using the tools and techniques that I know work.

Imagine accessing the finest ideas, solutions and proven techniques for a fraction of the price!

If you choose to do all of my online learning or just one course I'm happy to have a chat before or after a BWN event or a speaking engagement to provide additional support and input. And if you're a BWN Insider I can help you 24/7. 

  • Kick Butt 6 Week Course to Increase Sales, Confidence & Success

    6 week kick butt course for busy business women – focused, motivated, accountable & grow your business!

    “This course is worth £400+ I can’t thank you enough for giving me the solid foundations for a successful business!” 

    The 6-week kick butt course for business women is an extension of my first book “Your Daily Dose of Business Woman’s Confidence and Success” I walk you through the foundations you need to make your professional goals a reality. Often women fall into business and miss out critical foundations. This ensures you don’t you take every opportunity.

  • How to get asked to write a book

    How to write a book – What? Where? Why? How?

    “This course is laid out in a way that I can’t fail to action on my dream to be a published writer!”

    Your International book looks at everything I’ve learnt about being asked to write a book by the UK’s leading Non Fiction Publishers (yes they asked me!) and what you need to consider to make this a reality so you too could have a book selling around the world in 5 languages. I also look at the do’s and don’ts of self publication and promoting your book.

  • Mandie Holgate marketing production line

    Mandie’s Marketing Production Line

    “I’ve learnt more about structuring, automating and promoting my business in this course than I have in a course I invested thousands!

    Imagine being able to go on holiday,  turn your phone off for 4 weeks and come back to new sales, speaking engagements, opportunities and even free PR in your business! In this course, I take you through how to be busy anywhere and still rocket sales, concentrating on no cost, low-cost strategies that work.

  • Be a powerful public speaker course Mandie Holgate

    Powerful public speaking (any where)

    “Lesson 1 has really got me thinking beneath the surface. I really like the way it is set out and the focus on understanding the ‘whys’ /deeper meanings behind my initial reactions and answers. I feel very enthusiastic!”

    I used to be petrified of public speaking and now you can put me on stage for a day and I’d love it. I also fix the fear of public speaking for clients in 1 hour. This course brings everything I know about communication, powerful language, do’s dont’s, why’s and how’s together into the most powerful course I could create!

  • Rocketing confidence and self esteem

    Rocketing your confidence

    “My confidence had taken a nose dive, this didn’t just bring it back, I’ve never felt more capable and confident to achieve what I want in my entire life”

    One of the biggest impactor I see on success is a lack of confidence. That belief that you are pretty good, but nothing special. I can create the best marketing strategy ever, but if you think you’re going to fail or are not good enough, you are likely to scupper your results. This course breaks down to help you rocket your confidence to be able to achieve more whenever and whenever you need it.

  • super charge your 60 second elevator pitch to powerfully communicate

    Supercharge your 60 second success

    “I’ve already changed what I say, the way that I say it and I hate to say but I was doing some of things you should never do! Already I’m getting more interest and I’ve only just started.

    Knowing the power of an elevator pitch in 60 seconds to increase sales, raise your profile and get what you want is powerful. In this course we look at the core requirements of a 60 seconds, how to build multiple elevator pitches AND how to turn that into the foundation of a good few months marketing too. (I do like to over deliver and make life easier.)

Did you know...

You could do all 6 courses and still only spend £105! If you are an Insider it will be less than £100 for all 6 courses, that's over 100 hours of learning with me for less than 1 hour's coaching!

Why I hear you ask?

Because my passion is your success, and with all my heart I want to make a difference to you without you having to spend a sack of cash. I've heard too many horror stories where people have spent thousands and thousands to be more successful and it's not delivered. For such a tiny investment I give you everything I can.

Want more?

If you really want to push the boat out and get extravagant you could invest in all 3 books too although you'd still only spend £137.99!

And if you want the moon on the stick (ie, even more!)

There's the Insiders, my confidential online 24/7 masterclass group that ensures I'm there when you want me and you get to work with awesome dedicated, passionate people like yourself and that's only £5 a month.

I could be there for you 365 days a year helping in every area of your personal and professional life and you'd only spend £202.99 (As I say that figure, even I'm surprised how little I'm asking for so much!)

If you want someone who genuinely cares about you, let's start working together today.