Powerful communication

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  • Be a powerful public speaker course Mandie Holgate

    Powerful public speaking (any where)

    “Lesson 1 has really got me thinking beneath the surface. I really like the way it is set out and the focus on understanding the ‘whys’ /deeper meanings behind my initial reactions and answers. I feel very enthusiastic!”

    I used to be petrified of public speaking and now you can put me on stage for a day and I’d love it. I also fix the fear of public speaking for clients in 1 hour. This course brings everything I know about communication, powerful language, do’s dont’s, why’s and how’s together into the most powerful course I could create!

  • super charge your 60 second elevator pitch to powerfully communicate

    Supercharge your 60 second success

    “I’ve already changed what I say, the way that I say it and I hate to say but I was doing some of things you should never do! Already I’m getting more interest and I’ve only just started.

    Knowing the power of an elevator pitch in 60 seconds to increase sales, raise your profile and get what you want is powerful. In this course we look at the core requirements of a 60 seconds, how to build multiple elevator pitches AND how to turn that into the foundation of a good few months marketing too. (I do like to over deliver and make life easier.)