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Lesson 4 – Dream Land

We’ve looked at what beliefs you were holding that held you back and impacted on your success.

We’ve looked at how you would magically get the results you wanted if you had a magic wand.

And we’ve looked at all of the occasions in your life when (whether you like it or not you actually have already been fabulous and achieved success.)

Now it’s time to visit dream land. (It all sounds a bit farfetched doesn’t it? However one of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is because we limit our minds and beliefs with thoughts that say;

  • I can’t do this
  • This doesn’t happen to people like me.
  • Do you remember these kinds of statements from module 1?

So by getting your mind so far out of reality that you dismiss what is real and what is not, you are allowing your mind to warp the corners of what is plausible. Instead of accepting mediocre, average and your version of “norm” you can challenge yourself to go for more. This is where we start to bridge the gap between magic wand time and Dream land. And get what you want. However, before we do that, let’s get to Dream land, shall we?

Exercise 3 – Dreamland Actions

In this module, we need to break your Dreamland actions into 4 parts. (The easier we make each module the more likely you are to take action that is easy to sustain and keep in your memory. In my experience with my clients, the goals that deliver success and the actions that we create together that are easy to remember, to appreciate your reason why and to action are far more likely to be actioned in 6 months’ time and even better still in a years’ time. Therefore they become second nature and a new more powerful way to live. That can help you naturally feel confident in any environment. (Which is what we want right?)


Do you remember in Module 2 it was about using a magic wand to achieve something big? Now image you really can do it. Instead of writing down every action you could take. Imagine you were confident; Let’s break that goal down to what that confident person would do to achieve that goal into 4 parts;

What would you think? What would you say? What would you do? How would you act?


At this stage, this is not you. This is about imaging you are this person. You still have the magic wand right? In the final module, we will bring the pieces all together. You still have a little gap between you and the ultimate goal and to being the confident person you wish to be. So just imagine if you were that confident person that could achieve this goal, what would you be like. How would you think?

Complete the chart above in detail.

If this feels too big to imagine, do you know someone that does naturally ooze confidence in this situation?

  • Who looks like they could achieve the goal that you really want to achieve?
  • What attributes do you think they have?
  • What do you think they say in conversations?
  • What do you think they say to themselves?
  • What do actions do you think they would take?
  • How do you feel they would act?
  • How would they complete the chart above?

This is a really important stage not to scrimp on. It will help you to bring the modules together to help you understand what you want to be like, act like, think like and feel. This will all help you be a more confident person.

  • November 15, 2016