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Lesson 1 – Your purpose for speaking

Lesson 1 – Your purpose for speaking

People sometimes come to me and say “I need to become a powerful communicator, I’m rubbish in front of an audience” and before we look at what is happening for them, I ask “For what reason do you wish to be a powerful communicator?”

Your answer is very important. Think about this for a moment;

  • Is it because you’ve heard public speaking is good for business?
  • Is it because you’ve heard someone like me say it’s important?
  • Is it because you get tongue tied and you worry that it makes you look confident?

What is your reason?

Throughout this course you will get better results if you take the time to take pen to paper and write down your thoughts and beliefs. There’s power in that stuff!

ACTION; So, what are the reasons why you wish to be a powerful presenter?


  • Mandie says I should
  • I hate it and shy away from any opportunity to.
  • I need to use public speaking to get across our message/to talk about our brand/products and services
  • I need to be able to pitch to new clients
  • I need to be able to stand apart from everyone else.
  • I want to build my confidence at work.
  • I want to inspire people.
  • I want to change the world.
  • I want people to realise the damage they are causing.
  • I want to share what I’ve learnt.
  • I want to protect people
  • I want to raise awareness of an issue.

What words were in your answer?

ACTION; Was there a physical reason, i.e. “We need to sell more units” or did you notice it was an emotional response that you wish to elicit, i.e. “I want people to respect me?

WORTH NOTING; There is no right or wrong answer here. This is about understanding why you wish to speak powerfully. You can’t achieve something unless you understand why you wish to do it. And by understanding why you wish to do it you can then create the right actions, beliefs and structure with the tools in this course to keep you going and positively motivated.

ACTION; Was your reason a positive reason or a negative one?

Positive phrases sound like this;

“Because I want to share my knowledge and help people.”

Or was it a negative phrase like this;

“Because I hate fumbling over my words and feeling like an idiot”

Again there is no right or wrong reason.

WORTH NOTING; This gives you a great opportunity to understand more about yourself, if you’ve studied with me before you will know that I like to help people understand who they are, how they naturally think and the impact this has on your ability to achieve. In this lesson it’s important to explore how you choose to word things that you want to change.

ACTION; Do you like a goal to be worded in a negative way or in the positive way?

Personally in my experience of working with thousands of people while thinking about the negatives of the way we are currently behaving and the results that this causes, and what we wish to change can be powerful, rarely have I seen a negative goal be as powerful as a positive one. What do you feel motivates you into action?

ACTION; Think about something you’ve achieved in your personal or professional life (It doesn’t have to be connected to public speaking) and ask yourself what were the words that really motivated you into action?


Create a sentence that summarises why you wish to be a powerful presenter?

Here are some examples to get you started;

  • To be a thought leader in my industry.
  • To sell more products.
  • To get a pay rise.
  • To change the world.
  • To change views.
  • To run for government.
  • To get a promotion.
  • To make myself heard.
  • To be a positive role model.
  • To showcases that you can overcome adversity.

Really take the time to think about the purpose you have in being a powerful public speaker. At this stage you don’t’ have to understand what that will look like or how to achieve it. We will cover in a number of lessons what being your version of a powerful public speaker will look and feel like and the results you will be wanting to achieve. At this stage just take the time to consider these ideas. (The idea is to get you considering the impact being a powerful presenter could have.)


What did I learn about my reason behind wanting to be a powerful presenter?

What do I deem important moving forward?

What is the sentence that I will remember about why this matters to me?

Here is a worksheet to accompany your learning in this lesson. Do not feel that what you write is cast in stone and can’t change. As with so much learning in life, you may find that what you decide upon needs tweaking or adjusting. This is your starting block. And it’s a great way to get started!Lesson 1 public speaking worksheetA copy of this work sheet to download lesson 1 – Your purpose for speaking

  • August 20, 2018