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Lesson 1 – What’s the goal?

One of the reasons that people don’t get great results from their 60 seconds is because very little preparation goes into it. “It’s only 60 seconds, I will wing it, it will be fine!” or “That one I did last time will be fine” 60 seconds in front of an audience is a powerful opportunity so please treat it as that from now on and always prepare one. And even if you have never been to that networking group, even if you are attending a conference or exhibition and assume there will be no opportunity to deliver an elevator pitch, always prepare a 60 seconds. It sharpens your mind as to the outcomes you want for the day. And this module will explain how. And start to showcase the power that those 60 seconds can truly have. Exciting isn’t it?

Exercise 1 – What’s the goal?

Coming soon will be a whole course dedicated to achieving your goals because I’m a big advocate for setting clearly defined goals. My clients achieve massive results in sales, overcoming business fears and business growth and its because we set clearly defined goals. So exactly the same applies here.

What is the end result that you would desire? And if it for everyone in the room to come up to you and say “I will take 3 of those please” then unless you are handing out Ferraris for a £5 it’s not likely to happen is it?

Remember a great 60 seconds is not about selling it’s about creating heightened interest. About giving someone that wow moment, that oooo tell me more! That feeling that they just can’t leave the room without your business card. You want to create such a sense of buzz and wow and ooo and aaa I need that in my life that they practically can’t wait for the other speakers because they are that interested in you. So it’s not about selling, and people running at your with money and sales invoices. (As great as that would be) although I have had 3 new clients booked in my diary from one 60 seconds. So have a clear goal. What could yours look like? Here are some sensible realistic goals;

  • To pick up to new leads to connect with online and keep in contact with before the next networking event.
  • To gain 3 phone calls to discuss what I’ve talked about in my 60 seconds.
  • To gain 5 new people signed up to my newsletter.
  • To gain 5 new people signed up to my social media.

(Remember one of the reasons people fail with their networking is they tend to use it as a stand-alone. If you want to make networking a powerful tool in your marketing strategy to deliver more business, you need to factor it into your marketing production line (see my other course or the home page of my website to download your copy of the 1 page document to learn more about how this could increase sales and create a natural sales funnel and help get your business known and loved)

Thus your 60 seconds needs to be planned in advance with a clear plan of action. How can you know what you are going to say if you don’t know what you want to achieve? So plan what you want to achieve?

Another way to look at this is to ask yourself what are the goals for our business this month. If I was working with you as my client (and technically we are working together!) then I would want to know what your 1,3,5 year plan for the business is? I do for most of my clients because it tends to feature in my client’s actions, thoughts and beliefs somewhere along the way. So within this month’s actions, plans and goals, how does this factor in with your longterm goals? Does your 60 seconds reflect this?

For instance if your business plans for the year were to increase sales in a new target audience by 25% and you had only increased it by 12% you could ensure that you were networking in a group that even if you didn’t know this group had a lot of this target audience you could ensure that this target audience knew you were looking to talk this niche. Thus raising awareness of your companies current needs.

Thus think about your companies current business goals and ask yourself does our elevator pitches match up to this? And as you work through the modules do they continue to?

  • November 15, 2016