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Week 4 – Okay so this is the big week!

Okay, so this is the big week!

The first week I wanted to see what you had in place and look at how you could power this up, then we looked at the beliefs and the attitude you had about yourself. Because as we discussed that internal voice can be a real killer to success.

But this is where it gets interesting…..hold on to your hats!

This is the week where we look at how to get more clients, more success and a lot less stress.

So, this week I want to start by asking you;

  • “Do you have a mission statement?”
  • “Do you have a tagline?”

You see some of the most successful corporations in the world didn’t have a business plan (okay so they quickly got one!) but they started with an absolute belief about what their company stood for. What they delivered, and why they were the best and customers wanted what they offered.

So ask yourself the same;

  • What do you stand for?
  • What do your customers get from you that they don’t get anyway else? And get specific!
  • What are the solutions you create for people?

By answering and thinking on these over the next 3 weeks it will really help you to rocket the impact of this course on the results in your business.

So what are those results?

Let’s look at those, shall we?

What are the results you want to see in your business?

How many extra clients a week? What increase in sales/profit? What is your dream hourly rate? How many hours do you work? How many staff do you have? Do you have staff? Think about what your business would look like if you could have THE perfect business. The Ultimate business!

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Before you get bogged down in worrying about your skills and whether you could do it, before you start worrying there are not enough hours in the day or enough money in the bank. This is the perfect business. This is what you genuinely want from your successful business. At this stage, you don’t need to know how you are going to achieve it, overcome those obstacles or create an extra 5 hours in the day. Just think what you really want from your business.

I want you to get that pen and paper out (or start writing here in if you have been printing off the course content each week).

And answer all of the above (and some!) to really feel what your business could be.

So what does your perfect business look like?

I want every last detail you could imagine. Down to what time of day you start work and how many emails you answer a day. (Or in your dream business does someone else do that for you?)

Now give yourself at least 15 minutes to really think about this. And a tip here if you get stuck, go to some other business focused task for 10 minutes and come back to it (not social media!) more ideas will start flowing, trust me!

Now you have that big plan, that big picture. Let’s bring it back to reality.

With all of your answers from this week’s part of the course, I would like you to create 2 lists of everything that would need to be done for you to achieve success;

The first list has the title – Tasks that have to be completed in my business.

These will include daily chores, looking after customers, emails, marketing, accounting, etc etc. This is the working in your business side of things.

The second list has the title – The long terms plans for my business success.

Structure your now and long term goalsMandie holgate freebie alert

This is where you put your ideal business plans. What you want to see happening this time next month, next year and in years to come. Remember don’t get bogged down in how you will achieve it, financial and time restrictions or even beliefs that you may hold about yourself. Just list them.

This list could include things like, become known as the thought leader in my field and get in the media talking about my profession, increase sales by 30%, Take on staff, set up our own offices, deliver on a national/international level. Remember the questions we asked at the start of this week’s segment? Use these to make this long, exciting and like your true passion for what you do is coming across. If you are not feeling excited as you write this, ask yourself what have you missed? What are you not being honest about? What do you want to achieve but are not being truthful about?

Now prioritise.

Personally, I would type this list within this coursework. That way you can easily shift around what is going to come first. This is involved and will take a little bit of time and effort. But if you do this then you will be able to concentrate and focus on just the top item of each list.

Now, list one will alter what is at the top of the list pretty quickly as you work your way through daily business routines and tasks. This will allow you to remain focused within your business and you will find your time management improves too. Added bonus, right?

But list 2 is where the big goals start to form. (Remember don’t panic about the how’s, the what’s the when’s and “aaaa this is too big and scary I will just stick where I am!”) This is about having the big plan in place. Over the next 3 weeks I will share with you the methods and tools to get this list really motoring and get you on the road to what you truly want out of your business.

Next week we will focus on your goals in detail, looking at your structure to achieve, your business and how to create an action plan. Until then. Think big. In my experience business women always underestimate how much they are capable of!

Remember this is confidential between you and me so power up your success and think big!

Until next week,

Happy business and Best wishes


Please note that the content of this course is not to be shared. As you can imagine this content is worth a lot of money and I share it with you because I want to power up your success and I know if you take the actions I suggest you will love it. I share plenty for free on my social media.

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  • November 15, 2016