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Week 6 – Staying focused and managing your time

Hi and welcome to week 6 of your online course. This week I want to concentrate on focus and managing your time. Due to the nature of this week some of the ideas I will share are practical and some are about the mind-set that the very successful utilise and you can too.

To be successful you not only need the right mind set and beliefs, the big goals and the action. You need to be taking the right action. Last week you wrote a detailed plan to enable you to achieve your first goal on your Long term Success of your Business list. After a week, action should be happening and you should be getting towards your goal;

Let’s look at what distracts you. What takes you off schedule? Have you noticed how when we want to we can always justify why we are not taking a course of action? Because we are so good at convincing ourselves of anything!

Let’s imagine that every minute of your time was a £1. So that every hour is worth £60. Make sense? All this week I want you to imagine that what you chose to do is literally costing you money. When you talk to your accountant they go through your books and will be able to help you see where you are investing and where you are wasting money. Imagine if someone was to look at your expenditure this week on time.

What would the consensus be?

That you had utilised your time wisely?

That popping into the house to just get something out of the freezer for tea was a good idea. That hopping onto social media was not, in fact, a waste of half an hour as you can say you were “doing your marketing.”

When you “Pop” and “hop” you are in effect sacrificing focus. When you are working on something you are what I like to call “on flow”. Have you ever watched someone playing sport, talking or working and thought “That person was just meant to do that!” We can all experience that. It’s called “on flow.” To achieve that you need great focus, clearly defined goals and great belief to go along with the hard work, ambition and skill set. But these people also know that you don’t let yourself become distracted. Did you know if you are working on something and your head is down and you are really achieving? If you get distracted to answer the phone or “pop” into social media. It will take on average 15 minutes for you to get back into that mental state where you were flowing. So if you allowed yourself to be distracted say 3 times in one hour you could, in essence, add 45 minutes to the time it takes to complete the task at hand. Think of that as £1’s!

Secondly from now on only read emails once, only read letters and reports once. If you know you have not got time to deal with it. Don’t touch it! All you are doing is adding more thoughts to your head, that you don’t have the time to process. Get into the habit of only dealing with every item once and you will add time to your day.

Thirdly write a to do list, but crucially write your list last thing at night. Only deal with item 1 on that list and don’t’ get distracted. If you know the ping of your email, sales or social media is just too tempting for you, turn it off! If you don’t, you are agreeing for a ping to impact on your success and your big goals for success, now do you really want that?

And guess what if there is a ton of to do’s on your to do list, you won’t get it all done. Top tip: I only use one small piece of paper to write my to do list and rarely have more than 5 things on there. This not only motivates me to keep going it also focuses my mind on what I need to be doing.

If you don’t get disciplined on this I am telling you for a fact it will impact on your success rate.

Another obstacle to you achieving your goals is the Catherine Wheel effect. You can read about this here –  (but remember only open this link if you actually have time to read this 5 minute read. Getting the hang of this?) Basically the Catherine Wheel Effect is the process that I see in many businesswomen, of attempting too many tasks at once. Remember if you have clearly defined goals and then break them down into actions, then you can stay focused.

Now think of the things that distract you and ask the question, “What actions do I need to take so that I’m not distracted from my necessary actions?”

Another way to effectively manage your time is to ask yourself how to automate your activity;

Hootsuite for your social media (be in 2 places at once!), a Virtual Assistant for your admin (So you can get on with the money making areas of your business), cross-promotion with other businesses (to double up your marketing reach!) Networking and combining meetings and 1 2 1’s so that you minimise the disruption to your working week.

What actions could you take to automate your activity?

Effectively filing email so that your priorities are on your customers, leads and sales and not on newsletters and LinkedIn messages. Only opening email at set times of the day can be a useful method to trial too.

So this week I would like you to answer these questions as always on paper or within the course material that you print off and create a strategy so that you remain focused and manage your time effectively. Because if you do not come up with a plan for this week, you are in effect agreeing to be less focussed and wasting £1’s of your time and not achieving your big business goals. Now that does not sound fun, does it?

As always feel free to get in touch on my social media if you need a boost, I’m there for you;

It’s all accessible via the home page of my site so I can be there in the style that is right for you.

And of course in the confidential section of The Insiders too.

Next week is the last week. Aaaaww you say. I will miss your course material being with me each week. Don’t worry I’ve a great ending for you to really power up the results of this course. (And you can always do another course with me or buy the books!)

You will love it.

Best wishes and happy business


Please note that the content of this course is not to be shared. As you can imagine this content is worth a lot of money and I share it with you because I want to power up your success and I know if you take the actions I suggest you will love it. I share plenty for free on my social media.

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  • November 15, 2016