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Lesson 4 – T = Top Tip

I don’t want to over complicate this course for you. So what I want to do is give you 5 styles of 60 seconds that you could deliver and naturally from these you will progress to more.

I appreciate that there are more than 5 successful styles of an elevator pitch however this is to get the brain working and to give you a realistic starting point and amount of content to effectively work with both in your networking and in your marketing strategy. It’s only by utilising the complete course that you will be able to see how this is going to work. So here are 5 styles to learn in your 60 seconds. Don’t use more than one in any singular elevator pitch. These elevator pitches are about building your profile, getting you known as a thought leader and helping you stand out from the competition. Helping your business grow, gain new business, new customer, win back old ones, gain new sales, and be sustainable naturally.

Saying more than one thing doesn’t help, it just fogs up the thoughts of your audience so that they forget you, and we don’t want that to happen.

TOP TIP; Here are the 5 styles. Under each style I have left a space for you to write your own version. Take the time to actually sit and write one. You may be are a visual person who needs coloured pens and a big sheet of paper, if that’s the case, go for it! You don’t have to write it out, nice and neatly. I’m a big lover of mindmaps. All of these online courses, all of my speaking engagements, training courses and many of my client sessions are created using mindmaps because it allows our brains to work in a far more fluid way. Our brains do not work in a left to right along a neat line way as you do when reading a sentence or writing one so if you don’t want to work like that, don’t!

On the other hand, if you prefer things very neat and organised feel free to jot down words on an excel spreadsheet and from that pull together the keywords to create 60 seconds. At this stage they won’t be polished. They are your starting point. They are the foundations. But by having 5 to start with we can hone them, polish them and define them….beautifully!

Mandie holgate freebie alert

Watch out for the freebie at the end of lesson 8!

 T – Top Tip

By sharing a top tip you are able to showcase that you are a professional, an expert, that you know what you are talking about. As I like to say “you can’t dictate when someone buys however you can have a say in who they choose to buy from.” In this way, your networking connections will start to connect you with your areas of expertise.

Question; Take a moment to ask yourself;

  • “What do we want to be known for?”
  • “What do we want to be synonymous with?”

By knowing this you can work towards it, can’t you? (See how powerful clear goals can be?)

By knowing what you want other people to be able to say what your company is synonymous with this means that when other people are out networking or out in general if the conversation turns to something you have shared a top tip on, guess who they are likely to mention?

For instance, I may say; “Good morning my name is Mandie Holgate, and I’m a coach. When delivering an elevator pitch it’s good to start with your name and end with your name, because most people garble that at the start and if you say something interesting your audience needs a reminder of your name and company name so that they can easily find you. It’s also helpful for business owners who are so busy worrying about what they are going to say, they realise halfway through your 60 seconds they weren’t actually listening! So that’s me Mandie Holgate, Your Business Coach.”

See how this works?

People in my audience aren’t necessarily going to remember all about me. However they are likely to think “mmmm good tip” and then if they end up in conversation with me after the 60 seconds, they have a great place to start the conversation don’t they?

So remember what do you want to be known for?

What will you talk about in your 60 seconds that showcases your expertise and you as a thought leader?

Within my Marketing Production Line there are many things I recommend that you do to create a successful flow of sales and 2 of the top ones are that I recommend you add to your marketing strategy is;

1. Become a thought leader

2. Take every opportunity to publicly speak (there are oodles of other ideas for those that are petrified of public speaking!) and if you add golden nuggets to your 60 seconds that showcase your knowledge then when opportunities arise, people will remember you are the person with the knowledge, won’t they?

Remember it is not about selling, it’s about sharing top tips. It’s a powerful way to get remembered for all the right reasons. And research and results have proven to me and my clients that this works!

  • November 15, 2016