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Why do you want to write a book?

Before we can look at anything else we have to look at your reasons for wanting to publish a book.

In this lesson, we will look at that, however, first of all, why is that important to know?

To be able to market your book to publishers, book stores and potential readers you need to know who you wrote the book for and why you wrote it. By understanding this information you are able to create targeted marketing that will talk to the different audiences in a powerful way. It is not enough to think “I want to write a book!” You need to appreciate the why before you even start planning your book. (And yes we will help with the planning of your book too.)

Lesson 1 – Purpose

Part 1 What is the purpose for writing this book.

Ask yourself:
Do I have a story to tell based on my own experiences?

Have I worked with people and wish to help a wider audience?

Have I experienced something and feel I’m an expert on how to get through this?

Do I want to use a book to showcase why our business is exceptional?

Is it going to be a freebie for customers?

Is it a marketing tool?

Do I want to use a book to showcase me as an expert in this field?

Do I want to be internationally recognised as someone that is looking to change something? Poverty, abuse, famine, homelessness, suicide, mental health, etc etc.

Lesson 1, Part 2;

What do you feel about the book?

This is important to know because it will help you decide in a later lesson whether the self-publish path is the route for you or not.

Do you feel passionate about wanting to change something?

Do you feel saddened by the lack of interest in this subject and wish to raise awareness?

Is it a financial goal to make money from book sales?

Do you wish to utilise it as a glorified business card that helps you pick up business?

Lesson 1, Part 3

By looking at Part 1 and Part 2 of lesson 1 you can start to understand your goals from writing this book. In Lesson 2 we will lay out the goals for writing this book so that you can ensure as you plan it and market it you are staying focused on why you are writing this book and what you wish to achieve from it. Lesson 1 is about helping you to understand your reasons for writing it. This will be essential knowledge for you to work out how to write your book, how to publish it and how to market and achieve what you wish from your book.

ACTION; Write down the answer to this question (there is no right or wrong answer)

“Why do I wish to write this book?”

It could be like mine “Having coached thousands of people to achieve more and overcome their obstacles to success, I’d like to help more people wherever they are in the world without spending a sack of cash.” (In a later lesson we will look at this again because there are important differences between this reason and my published book, which I do not discuss outside of this course.)

Ensure your answer is clearly defined, for instance;

“I wish to write this book because having suffered severe mental health I’ve learnt lots of coping techniques that are not widely taught and could help a lot of people to live happier healthier lives.”

Note in Lesson 2 we will look at the goal, here it is about what it emotionally means to you. Let your heart guide you here because ultimately there will be a lot of work and some tough writer’s block times (which I can help you within a future lesson) so understanding your underlining reason why is very important!

Do not jump to Lesson 2 until you have really understood your reason why and wrote it down. It could be a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to help you collect your answers for each lesson to keep you focused on your goals and the results you wish to achieve.

If you are an INsider please feel free to share there if you are looking for confidential feedback and to research this lesson.

  • July 25, 2017