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Prelesson – course introduction

Pre-lesson course introduction – what to expect

Before we get started here’s a few things to remember and to be aware of. I’ve aimed to structure this course in a way that encourages;

  • Active learning
  • Deep level thinking
  • The ability to challenge your own thought processes (that’s the powerful stuff)
  • Time to reflect
  • Check your learning
  • Most importantly the ability to take action.

Points to remember;

How long do you need?

Ideally you will clear about 20 minutes per lesson (minimum) to read, write and process your preliminary thoughts and get your mind working. Some lessons are longer than others so if you don’t have long I’ve structured the course so you can work on a small segment of that lesson and revisit it when you have more time.


At the end of each lesson you will see your chance to RECAP. I don’t recap for you, I want to see what you write.

Include things like;

  • What do you deem as important from that lesson?
  • What do you need to remember?
  • What do you feel is the biggest issue for you around this lesson?
  • How will you ensure you take action on it?


In each lesson you will see ACTION this is your chance to really stop what you are doing and imagine your coach is sat opposite you wanting you to think deeply about your reply, the reason for it and to get those thoughts written down. When I’m working on a 1 2 1 basis with clients I write down everything my clients say, because by doing that we can find the trends, beliefs, values that are impacting on success. So take the time to action what you read and learn.


Worth noting is written throughout the lessons. This will be where I’m sharing why what I’m saying is a good idea to do. It is one thing to learn a new way of working, it’s a deeper more powerful thing if you know why you are doing it and how it can impact on the science of being you for the future too. Hence worth noting.


Lastly it will say HOMEWORK (All the best things in life need a bit extra right?) so when you’ve recapped on what you feel you’ve learnt you need to commit to the homework you set. I will guide you in this, however ultimately to get maximum benefit out of this course you have to put in the work.

Extra support
if you are an Insider I can add additional support and ideas for you on our confidential group and if you attend The Business Womans Network I’m happy to catch up before or after a session to chat. And I host 1 day training sessions for just 5 people where you can hone your skills and work with me to create further tailor made solutions. Just get in touch to learn more or click here for The BWN Insiders and events information.

Ultimately while I know the lessons I share here work powerfully to help you speak eloquently anywhere, it will be down to you ensure you take the action, create the space and practice. I’m here to support with everything else.

  • August 20, 2018