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How to get asked to write a book

If you would like your phone to ring and someone say “Would you consider writing a book for us?” here is some actions you need to take before you even know what your book is going to be called or how many words it will have! This is what I was doing that made my phone ring and be asked to write a book.

Part 1 – You

To get someone to want you, you will need to showcase you. And that means sharing content as suggested in Lesson 7. You need to ensure the other 3 parts of this lesson are being honoured and maintained too. Be prepared to show your personality, your style, your passions, your beliefs. A publisher is looking for someone they can market. And if you showcase your awesomeness using the tools from Lesson 7 and showcase who you are really are, that makes it easier for a publisher to decide whether you are right for them or not. Read the next 3 parts and then answer the below questions.

Part 2 – Confidence not arrogance 

It is essential that you are confident about your style of communication and your current marketing strategy. Look for the negative self-talk you are using on yourself. This will impact on your belief about your ability to be asked to write the book, write the book and make a success of it. If you are lacking in confidence, fix it! (This other course could help too.) 

Part 3 – Be a thought leader 

Revisit the Marketing Production Line from Lesson 7 and ask yourself if you are utilising 8 to 10 tools and techniques to become known as a thought leader in this area of expertise. If you are not showcasing yourself as the expert you are, how will publishers know that this is what you are able to do for them and their readers? Can you showcase audiences that love to follow you? Do you have a large number of followers? Do you have a large database? These are all questions a publisher could want answering. This is why positioning yourself powerfully beforehand is critially important. Take the time to go and check your audience sizes on your social media, your database and how likely are you to be asked to feature in the media?

Part 4 – What do you look like?

If I was to search for you using search engines, would I find relevant content around the area that you wish to write a book on?

Before you start writing your book, plan ahead and ensure that the content I find everywhere related to you, is about your subject. You need to ensure that online you look like the author you want to be. Thus if it is not the case before you write your book. Get sharing relevant content aimed at your target audience. This will have multiple benefits to you, not just to get published.

Now ask yourself these questions;

From my current marketing do I communicate about the subject of my book?

Do I comminicate a different or original viewpoint?

Do I communicate in a way that gets people engaging with me?

Do people sign up for my newsletter and/or subscribe to your social media?

Do people naturally want to connect with me online?

Does my phone ring a lot with new opportunities and from new people? (Can the same be said of your email?)

If the answer is no to any of these, they are potential areas for growth to help you get spotted by a publisher. Remember my publisher found me on LinkedIn, went to my website and visited my YouTube channel, Facebook page and read my blog. And I was prepared to be myself in everything I create online. Can you say the same?

Speak up, get your head above the precipice and speak with passion about what matters to you.

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  • July 25, 2017