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What is the goal for your book?

In Lesson 1 we looked at your reason why and this will become more obvious why as you progress with this course. Next, we need to establish your goal for the book. The reason we need to establish this is because it will help you in a later lesson when we look at “to self-publish or not to self-publish that is the question”.

What is the goal for your book?

Lesson 2, Part 1. Here I want you to think about the goal for your book. There is no need to get specific at this stage. (You will by the end of the lesson!) Start with these questions;

Do you want your book to make you famous? (Be prepared to pay and work very hard.)

Do you want this book to be your main income? (This is not achieved easily unless you are a celebrity already!)

Do you want this book to raise the profile of your company?

Do you want this book to open doors to help you get to work with your target audiences?

Do you want this book because it’s been a life ambition to write a book?

ACTION; Create a sentence now that says what your goals are for your book.

Lesson 2, Part 2 – Specifics!

Taking the information from above now we need to get specific to help you stay focused and help with other lessons.

How much money do you want to make from this book? Per month? Per quarter?

(Remember if you work with a publisher it is likely you will only get sales figures and royalties every 6 months. This is important to remember when marketing your book, which we will look at in more detail in another lesson.)

How much time are you prepared to spend promoting your book?

Are you prepared to travel?

What is your knowledge of promoting a book?

What routes to market would you like to use? Bookstores, events, Amazon, eBay?

Do you understand how to do this?

Does it feel too big to learn how to do this?

By getting specific and considering the goals for the book, you also need to consider the things you fear or that you feel have been obstacles to your success in the past. For instance, you could have a great idea for a book however if you lack confidence or fear public speaking this needs to factor in your goal for this book so you understand what the ultimate result will be. It will also help you to appreciate what additional skills you need to add or check the standard of.

So your goal may say;

I wish to grow my business by hosting events that promote my book and this will enable me to overcome my fear of public speaking and become a paid professional speaker within 2 years of publishing my book.


My goal is to create a book that helps me get on the radio as people’s number 1 choice of expert on X so that I can get paid to feature in the media, be a headline speaker at events on the area of X within 2 years so that I can be a headlining speaker at the X conference in May 2019.

My personal goal was; “My goal for my book is to showcase myself as an expert on the area of confidence, achieving your goals and overcoming fears that impact on success so that I can help people around the world via my book, courses and coaching. This will also enable me to showcase The Business Womans Network and increase my status as a thought leader for women in business and grow my paid professional speaking opportunities, utilising no cost, low cost marketing that enables me to make money without working so that I can protect my health” (And for the record my book is doing all of those things, very powerfully. (In a later lesson I will help you understand how to do this too.)

ACTION; Create a powerful sentence that explains your goal for the book, what it will do for you personally and professionally, ensuring you mention what you want it to do for the reader and include dates to give you real accountability and focus.

  • July 25, 2017