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How will I promote my book?

As we saw in Lesson 5 knowing how you will promote your book is very important. Not just for book sales, but to secure a publisher as well.

In this lesson I want to look at how to market your book.

You will have to ask yourself some questions here too and they are;

Do I understand and utilise digital media?

If I do not am I prepared to learn this or will I outsource this?

Do I understand the other core ways that Mandie promotes her book and can I replicate this?

I’ve had to learn a lot to grow my business, and they are all skills that I utilise to get my book in front of the right people too. So this lesson is not just good for your book, it could be good for your business and life too!

Part 1 – Marketing Production Line

Down load a copy of my Marketing Production Line here. It is a one page document that I want you to work on for this lesson.

This is the same marketing strategy that enables me to turn my phone off, walk away from the laptop and still win awards, get in the press, get bookings for events, gain new business and new opportunities (without doing a thing!) When you’ve downloaded a copy of the marketing production line. Ask yourself how many of the tools listed do you utilise in your marketing?

This means that you are engaging with your target audiences (as established in Lesson 6) effectively, consistently, usefully and relevantly.

Part 2 – How many tools?

Looking at the Marketing Production Line, how many tools are you using? If you are using less than 8 then you are not engaging in a powerful way with your target audience, you are not getting known as the expert in your profession and you could be missing out on business!

Part 3 – What additional tools will you be adding to your strategy?

You need 8 to 10 of these tools and as mentioned above you need to be engaging with your target audiences effectively, consistently, usefully and relevantly. So what additional tools will you be adding to your strategy?

Think back to lesson 6 and the power words you created. Are they featuring in your marketing? Again if they are not you are missing out.

If you self-publish or work with a publisher you will need a clearly defined marketing strategy for your book.

Part 4 – What will my strategy look like?

In this lesson take the time to write down what that strategy looks like. You can do this with a mind map or an Excel spreadsheet or if you prefer just list it. However, you also need to consider what you will be talking about in what months. Is it seasonal? As you create this strategy go back and ask yourself have I created the right content for the right target audiences?
Remember there will be some overlap. Are you communicating powerfully for all of your target audiences.

Take into account that different audiences will discover you in different ways. For instance getting on the radio gets me in front of different audience that I don’t get to target via social media.

How are you going to ensure you create the content, the time to create the content and ensure you keep it engaging with your target audiences (as established in Lesson 6) effectively, consistently, usefully and relevantly.


  • July 25, 2017