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Lesson 2 – Magic Wand Time

For this golden nugget you need to move on from module 1 “Stop looking back and onto “What you want! and this is where it gets fun!

What do you want when it comes to confidence?

For this golden nugget, you need to move on from module 1 “Stop looking back” and onto What you want and this is where it gets fun.

What do you want?

When a client moves from;

“I can’t do this” and “I’m no good at that” they move from the negative to the positive.  So for yoursel,f if in module 1 we looked at what you don’t want this is the time to ask what do you want? By doing this you can get the mind into a positive state, and a mind in a positive state is able to be far more powerful. A positive mind is far less likely to procrastinate, thus it is likely to work on its goals, a positive mind, believes in its ability to achieve, and so takes up the challenges, goes for the scary conversations, picks up the phone, confronts the opportunities that excite and scare in equal measure.

It is naturally a far more confident mind and thus it helps you feel more confident.

In module 1 we started by questioning the thoughts that you have, now I want to help you power up your confidence by giving you a little bit of magic. If you are serious about business and success, you won’t be the first person to be giving me a stern look and wondering “what has Mandie got me doing here!”

The problem can be is that our minds can get bogged down in thought, so by getting you to think creatively, I’m helping you come up with realistic ways to power up your confidence levels. It may seem farfetched, however, I’ve seen this strategy used very successful with many clients. So let’s do this;


Exercise 2 – The Magic Wand

I want you to imagine that you have a magic wand. And that thanks to your magic wand you can achieve anything you want to. Do you remember in the last module I asked you to think of something you really want to achieve? Think of that really powerfully now. What is it?

Using the magic wand, what could you do to achieve it? Regardless of time constraints, money limitations, family commitments, skill shortages, travel, health, whatever restraint you can create, let the magic wand have an answer for it. List all of the actions you could take to achieve your goal.

This list should be at least 2 pages long. In my experience the first half of page will be obvious ideas. The second half of the first page will be less obvious, however keep going, then the second side will be rather ambiguous. Really let your mind wander. For instance, if your big ambition is to buy your own shop would it help your business grow if your favourite film star popped in to buy a few products from you and posed for your Facebook page? You bet it would! Random? Highly improbable? Absolutely!

However, in the random, out there, ridiculous thoughts, often there are tiny seeds of thoughts that are actually really good ideas. So really allow your mind to go far far deeper and crazier than you ever really allow it. It’s fun, silly and something that as adults we are programmed not to do, however creativity teaches us that if we want different results and new ideas we need to give the brain the space to come up with them. And if you lack confidence the brain needs the space to help you find ways to become more confident. And the brain is a clever thing. Give it the space and it will create solutions for you. So fill those 2 pages up!

This is not about reality. This is not about creating a to do list. This is about letting your mind explore, play, and have fun. With no restraints, restrictions or limitations. For some it will be easy to do, if you really struggle keep going, allowing your brain to stretch its creative side will help in so many ways. And trusting that you are allowed to do this reassures your own mind that you have the right to be right on this. There is no wrong in your mind if you choose for the not to be. With magic wand time, you have complete power to be right and powerful.

  • So what do you want?
  • What do you want to be?
  • How do you want to be?

If you are really struggling send me a message on social media, ask me on The Insiders or corner me for a chat at a BWN event. I’m here to help.

For the final module, you will see why this magic wand stage was so important.

  • November 15, 2016