Forgotten Us Boris?

I don’t usually use my blog for personal matters, I only use my blog to help and since this effects at least 2.1 million people in the UK alone I figured I could use my blog for good.

I’m shielded. For me this is fine. I’ve migrated both companies online – it has impacted on my team coaching since that can be with 200+ in one room but apart from that I’m busier than ever with new coaching clients who are all over the world.

I’ve even created a set of online automated resources so I can make a residual income from my knowledge and coaching skills too. So for me shielding is not that tough, but that is not the case nationwide and I really want to know Boris when are you going to start talking about the 2.1 million people you locked up in their homes and told them not to leave at all?

Remember it is not just the 2.1 million people it is their families too.

Check out the advice on shielding here when we received the letter that said I couldn’t eat, watch TV, share a bed with my hubby or be with my family unless we were 2 metres apart at all times we took the decision to shield the family so none of us left the house at all. Not even going into the street outside of our house to look at the sea at the end of the road (Okay on VE day I did take a quick peak!)

If you read the guidance I don’t know many people that have 2 kitchens, multiple bathrooms or corridors that are over 2 metres wide so I know most shielded people have done the same.

So it’s not 2.1 million people I don’t hear mentioned at all in the briefings, it’s actually 2.1 million people and their families. Is that not a fair chunk of society?

I’m already hearing some awful stories;

Partners forced by their employer to go back to work so they feel like they are risking their partners life every time they step in the house. Shouldn’t updated Health and Safety policies be mandatory?

Shielded people living in just a bedroom and only leaving the room to go to the bathroom – devastated they can hear their family downstairs but can’t go to them.

People who are ignoring shielded advice and fear for their lives but they are also petrified they are going to lose their home so see they have no choice but shop in the cheaper stores and return to work.

People whose whole families are starting to suffer from mental health issues and shielded people feeling like a huge burden on their families because they feel like their illness has punished their families.

People are paying far more for less choice of food and getting up every week in the middle of the night just to place the food order.

(I don’t mind telling you how mortified I was to have to phone Tesco’s and explain the female products they’d supplied were not going to work and that they had caused a lot of awkward moments in my house – I’m confident enough to have that chat with Gordon from Scotland who works for Tesco’s but I hear so many stories where families are finding it hard to not get upset about the food not arriving as ordered – especially when I asked my friends if they could buy a list of food products I couldn’t and they said “of course, the shelves are pretty much normal.” Not for the shielded they are not!

Here is something important to remember about a vast number of shielded people. We aren’t all in bed dying (thankfully) many of us are in full time employment, running our own businesses (my business alone support thousands of people every month) going on holiday, exercising, helping in communities, supporting charities and living full lives.

We know that everyone has been locked down but for many they can see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Shielded don’t even get mentioned.

And since I don’t like to moan, but raise awareness to issues and find solutions, here’s some ideas for you Boris;

  • Put in place legislation that stops a family member from discriminated against and causing emotional and mental distress by being forced to go back to work.
  • Offer free up-skilling courses and online training from people that are shielded to teach ways of working remotely, setting up new businesses (with small £1000 funding packages) companies like mine The Business Womans Network can do this for you with very little cost but could alleviate money worries, give people a sense of purpose, help people feel connected and help them see their own light at the end of the tunnel. This training must come from people who understand what long term health issues look like. Who understand that you can’t work in the same way as others, you may need more rest, to include ways to create boundaries and reduce stress since this can drastically exasperate many conditions.
  • Ensure shielded people get offered online job opportunities as a priority. If you insist we stay at home indefinitely show the shielded how to find employment online, and since I’m not keen on drowning in my own lungs or suffering organ failure, I’m with you on that one!
  • Create stretches of beach, parks zones even stores that are only accessible to shielded people. If we are all living in clean bubbles, surely those clean bubbles can come together?
  • Talk about us in your briefings! Not talking about is not good. We don’t watch a lot of news since it’s only Covid related and not good for our mental health or mindset. Even my own teenagers are asking “Mum why do they never talk about us?”
  • Start to talk about what shielded families children’s schooling could look like. I know you don’t have all the answers but ignoring 2.1 million people in the UK is not acceptable and you are at risk of causing a nationwide epidemic of mental health issues. And as someone that had one of those 16 years ago and nearly died, trust me this country doesn’t have the infrastrucuture for this. (The charity Mind saved my life – will you be giving charities like Mind funding to help those effected in the UK by Covid? In the longterm it would be a very good use of funds, because long term this could ripple on for years with some never recovering from the mental health implications without support.
  • Encourage supermarkets to note deliveries that the household is shielded. We can’t come out and look at your substituted items – it takes my family an hour to wash it all.
  • Encourage GP’s surgeries and hospitals to make contact with their patients once a month – how are you? how are you getting your medication – RX Live have been amazing for getting my families medication, thank you. but so few people seem to know about these online resources – that is something positive you could talk about.
  • Add to the governments page for guidance on the shielded advice about work.

I’m sure there is a ton of things you could do but ignoring the shielded is heartless at least and criminal at worse.

Please feel free to share this article, give me your ideas on what could be done (realistically – the scientists probably don’t feel like they’ve slept this year) and I will add them to this list. Get in touch with your MP, write to your local paper. I’m one for making change happen so I hope Boris won’t ignore us.

2.1 million people could have quite a powerful voice right?


  • May 18, 2020
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