Supercharge your 60 second success

In this results driven course I will be sharing my tried and tested tools and techniques that work to help people increase leads and sales.

I used to be petrified of public speaking so this includes top tips to help with that too;

  • Learn the top 5 styles of elevator pitch that get you connected.
  • The big mistakes that stop people from listening to what you have to say.
  • The scary knock-on effect that a bad elevator pitch can have on your marketing strategy.
  • Learn The keywords that need to factor in your promo slots.
  • Learn How to turn an elevator pitch into a10-minutee talk.
  • Learn How I transformed someone too scared to even say their name into a confident networker delivering elevator pitches that work!

No rambling and trying to say too much.

No nerves overruling your mouth.

This course could give you the tools to get people so interested they want to know more and buy from you.

How to create the perfect 60 seconds.

The great thing is the ideas I want to share with you in this course, are not just for your 60 seconds once a week. These ideas can make the back bone of your marketing for the week or even the month. Instead of having to come up with new ideas for your blog, social media, press release, website, etc. you can reuse this content.

But seriously with something so small can you really expect to gain new sales?

The answer is yes!

And I have the audiences that will say the same answer – yes!


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