What's it going to cost to work together?

1 to 1

1 to 1 coaching is powerful.

I'm on your agenda.

Empty your head, let's get rid of what you don't need.

Find out what you really want. Create a plan to achieve it. Homework so you do. 

Just the right amount of structure. Accountability.


And tailor made solutions so you get to the core of the issues. 

I don't create packages.

As you will see in our initial conversation for some clients all they need is a one off 2 hour session to deal with the obstacles to success and they don't need me again.

Others want to work with me once every 6 weeks for 1 year and others are ad hoc and that's fine too.

As an individual it's about what you bring to the table that creates your unique coaching package  This can be done via Skype, Telephone, Facebook Messenger or face to face. Each client receives a full coaching report and is able to bolt on additional 24/7 support if they wish to.

£175 per hour

You & your team

Whether it's you and your  friends (minimum 5), a team of managers or your whole company. I can make something very unique to you.

What's the brief?

Every speaking engagement and training session is tailor made to that audience. What obstacles do they face? What issues are impacting on the company? What have they been through and need to process? What is the vision that needs to be realised? What problems do you face?

Subjects we can cover (but not exclusive include):

Time management.

Change and adaptability.

Goal setting and achieving.

Communication - especially public speaking, saying No and the fear of the phone.

Fears that impact on success.

Mindset and confidence.

Creative thinking.


Dealing with adversity.

Sales and marketing.

Business growth.


Ideally we will have a conversation to understand what your team faces and the ideas you have. It can be a free flowing group coaching day, a rammed packed full of solutions 1 hour session or a half day training programme.

I can fit most budgets. Prices start £250 for a 1 hour webinar.

Local to me start from £500 per hour.

Day session start at £2500

Fee is negotiable. Happy to discuss this to enable you to maximise on our time together 01206 381482



My online courses utilise the tools and techniques that I know work exceptionally well for my coaching clients and delegates on my training days.

These include;

Individuals looking to achieve more.

Pre-start up and start up businesses.

Well established businesses.

Sole traders.

And some of the largest organisations in the world.

These tools work and I want to share them with you too!

All 6 courses have been uniquely designed from the experience I have and take into account how busy you are and the big ambitions you have.

They are small lessons, building up into a lesson plan that ensures you take action. 

I've been advised that my delegates would have paid between £200 and £450 for the content on my courses. (No, I won't be changing the pricing structure! They are ridiculously priced so I have an offering for those that would love coaching however just can't invest at this time.)

All courses can be hosted as speaking engagements and training sessions too. 

£7 to £25 per course

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