People like You have achieved…

  • Their first 6 figure contract.
  • Overcome lifelong fears in one session.
  • Gained a slot on TV Shopping channels and now considered one of the experts in their field with premises in US and UK
  • Increased sales to their yearly target in a 3 hour session.
  • Picked up 2 prestigious accolades.
  • Went from part time business owner to successful business with 3 staff in less than 1 year.
  • Became a columnist in 3 local publications to become known as a thought leader in their industry (They are securing more sales, celeb endorsements and more PR opportunities)
  • Went from unknown business owner to on the UK circuit or professional speakers.
  • Gained 2 sales from picking up the phone for 10 minutes with my proven results phone techniques and tools.
  • Another gained a 6 figure contract.
  • Overcome their life long public speaking fear and spoke with a microphone to an audience of 50 and gained new business, new leads and opportunities.
  • Increased prices, worked on site for less hours and grew their business.
  • Appreciated and charged their worth.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s just a few of my Client’s success stories.

  • One lady that specialises in design and crafts now has her own slot on satellite TV demonstrating and selling her products and has secured some national companies purchasing her products for their chain.
  • Gained clients and a contract with a target organisation after 1 session.
  • Another gained a 6 figure contract.
  • Ditched the corporate grind to set up their own successful business.
  • Took their Kitchen table business to a office with 2 members of staff in less than a year.
  • Took their home business to successful shop.
  • Became known as a thought leader and national level speaker.
  • Quit their job to create their dream business.
  • Overcome their life long agoraphobia to host an international event.
  • One business owner was seeing a fall in sales as a direct result of Amazon, thanks to working with me they are now seeing sales rise. 
  • Another has become a regular columnist for a number of magazine and newspapers enabling them to increase sales and brand awareness.
  • Another took a business dream into a reality with awesome results!

​In their own words

Thanks Mandie Holgate you were the lady that gave me the ooomph to start up!!! xx

Angela Chouib

Secret Surgery Ltd

You’re one of the people who made it all possible, giving me the confidence to follow my passion and be a successful businesswoman xx

Lucie Waller

Sweet Williams

If it had not been for you we would never have quit our corporate careers and gone for it!

JM and MH 

Colnfidential client

Mandie is one of the most inspiring women that I have met. She is passionate about helping others.


Stella Bradbrooke

About My Area

Mandie is a fun and inspiring person who took the time to understand my individual circumstances, concerns and needs and then came up with creative & exciting ways to move my business forward towards greater success. 

Claire Smith

Founder of ALIVE! Coaching

Mandie helps you keep on track with your business aspirations. Mandie uses her power and energy to enthuse and inspire everyone who comes within her sphere!

Susan Pattrick

Director & CEO at Dancing Giraffe CIC

Mandie inspires at every turn – she is an expert business leader and knows how to deliver success that lasts. It is a pleasure to hear her speak and watch her audience grow with confidence as she shares her experience and knowledge. It’s a pleasure to be in her company – always.

Nick Looby

Owner of Feet on the Ground 

Mandie’s networking and the Business Women’s Network are inspirational. Loess from Tapper Financial Services, is a regular at BWN events and our business has been helped to grow as a direct result of Mandie’s success. Unreservedly recommend all businesses to contact Mandie.


Martin Tapper

IFA services 

Mandie is an exceptional coach and supporter of local businesses. She runs networking events that really work – events that are fun, business focused and offer exceptional value. I have no hesitation in recommending Mandie and everything that she does.


Jacqueline Long

WhateverWhenever – Virtual Assistance

Mandie is a leader; her ability to create results and see straight to the heart of the matter and know what to do is what sets her apart. I have worked with Mandie for several years and I have learnt loads, and been able to implement what she says easily within my business. She gets results and comes highly recommended. Thank you


Sue Cook


In 7 days you have stopped me being a chimp. I can now successfully use Mailchimp, understand more IT, have  website development pending, you’ve helped me to complete an award winning  Marketing award application, helped me gain another column in a monthly glossy magazine, plus much much more. 

Liz Leatherdale

Colchester Classics & Classical Music Columnist

Mandie’s enthusiasm is infectious to everyone who meets her. She is a creative business woman who is passionate about helping others follow her lead as she really walks her talk. In the coaching profession what better qualification can a Coach have!  I would recommend anyone who is thinking of hiring a coach to get in touch with Mandie whether is was to advance your career or enhance your personal life


Sheila Steptoe

Mandie’s commitment and enthusiasm is truly inspiring. Mandie goes out of her way to help people make connections and if she doesn’t know someone who can help, she will seek help from her extensive network. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mandie to anyone – she has a “can do” attitude and always delivers exceptional results.


Clare Lauwerys

The IT Fairy

I first met Mandie in 2009 and was delighted to discover someone bubbling over with energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. Mandie has channeled these qualities along with her coaching experience and desire to walk the talk, to create a unique networking organisation in The Business Woman’s Network. 


Liz Kotarska

Director, Life Changes Now Ltd

Mandie is understanding and professional, I would recommend Mandie for Business and personal coaching sessions as she knew exactly what I needed and gave me the best advice. I also would recommend Mandie’s Networking for business events, she gives a friendly and open approach to everyone


Louisa Goldstone-Smith

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