Helping Editors, Journalists & Production Companies

I’ve been helping you guys in the media for years. Both by personally commenting on all areas of business, business women, family, work life balance, Stress, confidence happiness, and mental health stigma. And also helping you find business women to talk with, comment and share their stories.

Whatever your story, get in touch and let me know how I can help.

I’m a passionate business woman who is asked back again and again on the radio and in the media – I look forward to working with you too.

​Working with Craig Doyle from ITV1 Lorraine Show

​Sainsburys June 2014 article about using CBT within my coaching practice to assist business women in more success, sales and confidence.

​Bafta Award Winning Film Maker Hazel Dorma Filming at one of my events

​Essex County Standard Article about Mandie Helping Essex business women

​Helping myself & 7 business women appear in Essex Life Business Photo Shoot

​​Essex County Standard Article About My New Role as COLBEA’s new & only Business Coach

​Article for Smart Fitness get in the press

​Double page spread getting business women known for their charity work

​Getting business women on the cover of EADT

​Couldn't miss them growing up


​Getting Butterfly Lodge Education Centre in the press

​Essex Life

​Getting myself and another business woman in the press

​Essex Business Woman Overcomes Adversity after serious illness to Get Back to Business

​I didn't want anyone else to suffer ​the way I did

​​Getting 3 business women in the press talking about their businesses.

​Liz Leatherdale Music colmunist for Essex Life, Essex County Standard & Colchester Gazette

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