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Be a powerful public speaker – anywhere, any time for anyone!

I asked my mastermind group “If I was to write another course for you what would it be?

Public speaking or blogging for business?”

Both received a lot of votes, although public speaking tipped the balance, and I can really appreciate why. Because if someone had offered me a speaking slot 15 years ago I would have laughed and run away, actually that’s not too far from the truth because I had zero confidence and would even feign an urgent phone call rather than speak!

So, I know first-hand how paralysing, embarrassing and damaging it can be to success, but the good news is I know how to overcome that fear and become a well respected, invited back, “Wow your awesome!” speaker too and I’ve helped many many many people to do this too. (In a 1 to 1 coaching session in over 10 years of coaching I’ve fixed clients fears of public speaking in just 1 session. 1 Session and they are on the stage in front of hundreds and wanting to do it again. Would you like that?

Clients become thought leaders in their industry and highly respected key note speakers. As a successful speaker even if you don’t wish this to be your main career or route to market it can still have a massive impact on your success.

A survey by Workforce Solutions Group found that 60% of employers say that applicants are not demonstrating sufficient communication and interpersonal skills to be considered*

Powerful public speaking is not just in front of an audience, how about in a sales call?

Did you know that almost 6 in 10 buyers want to discuss price on the first call and yet business owners can cite this as the thing they dread the most in communications!

Even if it’s not your goal to be on the stage commanding an audience and you’d just like to get through a 60 second elevator pitch without wondering what you are talking about, why you are shaking or why you can’t seem to stop talking gibberish this course could help you across the sphere of communication.

This is because powerful presentation skills can have a knock-on effect in your personal and professional life. I’ve seen it;

  • Enable parents to not take no for an answer when their children have been bullied at school and they’ve been given the “it’s fine” talk from a principle, knowing full well it’s not.
  • Stop people from being dumped on at work, because they’ve found their voice. Not a rude one, an incredibly respectful one. Giving them more time to get their own stuff done, because they are not polite people pleasers scared of offending anyone.
  • Give someone the strength to pick up the phone and find out why they didn’t get the contract only to discover something more powerful and get a better long-term contract!
  • Stop a controlling partner from telling them what to do. (So, officially I’ve never caused a divorce although I’ve been a big Eureka moment to a few clients that have realised they’ve tolerated being talked to and treated in an unacceptable way.)
  • Change the way other people at work treat a client. A new found respect!

The list is long and one of the reasons I know my clients see lasting results (and I can fix a fear of public speaking) is because I work on many levels. In this course we will look at;

Lesson 1              –              Your purpose for speaking

Lesson 2              –              Building communication confidence

Lesson 3              –              Your natural style of communicating (and why this is essential)

Lesson 4              –              How to overcome your public speaking fear

Lesson 5              –              How to think

Lesson 6              –              How to act and stand

Lesson 7              –              How to breathe and speak

Lesson 8              –              How to structure your communications

Lesson 9              –              The right words (and the dangerous ones you shouldn’t use – ever!)

Lesson 10            –              Equipment

Lesson 11            –              What audiences hate (and love) and How to have them hooked for hours!

Lesson 12            –              How to get speaking engagements

This course will look at your success as a speaker in a number of ways.

  1. Your mindset and how it impacts on your fears, results, actions and audiences.
  2. Your skillset and how to improve across the board to get a powerful response from your audiences, communicate powerfully and get the results you want.

This will incorporate my many years of knowledge, experience and research into the power of our mind over our ability to be successful speakers. I’m very excited to share this knowledge, and enable you to get speaking engagements of a lifetime or to just sit down after an elevator pitch and think “Nailed it!”…..

  • August 21, 2018

Your international book – What? Where? Why? How?

In September 2016 I was approached by the UK’s leading non fiction publishers to write a book. I had a TV celebrity help launch my book next door to the Savoy on the 10th floor overlooking London in all it’s glory.

That launch led to me being asked to speak for WH Smith’s Head offices in Swindon and London. My book as of July 2017 is one of Pearson’s Publishers top Travel retail books and is back in airports around the UK in 2018 (Which means people are choosing to take it on their travels which is a massive market!) and it is selling by its thousands for WH Smiths and I’m getting messages from people around the world that have read it and it’s changed their lives too.

(Turns out you can buy my book in a bookstore in South Africa and we’ve not sold the rights there yet either! My book in its first 6 months has also had the rights sold to Russia and Turkey, opening new markets to me and my business too!

This year the rights were sold so that the book will be in Czech and Arabic too.

In this course, I’m going to look at how that happened and how you could recreate that for yourself too. I do not claim to be an expert on publishing, I’m sharing my knowledge from the process I have been through both through self publishing and working with a publisher. I understand why publishers chose me, what they are looking for and how to get spotted because it’s been discussed with my publishers in detail and is crucial to helping them sell the book to other publishers for international publication in other languages. I know what the process entails. I know what they expect from you. And I will share all that (and more!) in this course.

In this course, we will look at how that happened and how you could recreate that for yourself too.

Here are some of the things I will help you consider, plan, action and understand;

What needs to happen before you start planning your book?

What are your publishers going to want out of you?

What will you need to deliver to a publisher (and it’s not just a manuscript!)

Why not just self-publish?

How to get asked to write a book?

What must you accept?

How do you structure your book?

What do you need to know that your great at before you get started and how can you learn that stuff?

  • July 25, 2017

Kick Butt 6 Week Course to Increase Sales, Confidence & Success

Welcome to Kick Butt 6 Week Course to Seriously Get Motivated, Focussed & Grow Your Business!

Would you like…

Increased Sales & Profit, Accountability, More Success,

Less Stress & Procrastination

Do you need to…

Focus, Prioritise, Take Action, And Get Results.

Start this course anytime & work at your own pace with my proven techniques and tools to get the results you want.

This course was created out of a realisation that so many of the issues impacting on women in business can be easily fixed if these simple tools are utilised. I’ve helped enough business women over the years to know that this stuff works, and best of all without eating into your precious time or your profit margin!

No big course fee, no months of investment, give me a little bit of your guaranteed time and let’s work together and see what you can achieve.

Here are some reviews from business owners who have taken action and completed this course;

“It’s snippets and insights to make you focus on an area enabled me to make some changes in my work/life balance and to re-think how I deliver some of my work to clients.”

“Wow! This really holds a mirror up and forces you to look at yourself! It forces you to admit to what’s holding you back”. Carla Brent

“Mandie’s course, has given me the flexibility to reflect on my business on a weekly basis. It’s snippets and insights to make you focus on an area enabled me to make some changes in my work/life balance and to re-think how I deliver some of my work to clients.”  Paangels

“I’m putting more structure into place & already feeling more positive & confident.” Jayne Lloyd Photography

“So that’s a Six day course!! The practical exercises are awesome, they really make you focus, plan and take action Mandie Holgate I am loving the mind mapping exercise. Week 5 rocks. The marketing production line is fantastic. Thanks, coach, l am now more focused and doing what l should be doing. Each week is a course on its own. People are paying through their nose for similar stuff elsewhere!!! Kwanele Sibanda Mhangami

“This course has really made a difference, there is one thing that worried me? How could you offer all of this for such a small fee! Incredible value for money!”

  • November 13, 2016

Creating Confidence

In this 5 part course, I want you to be able to boost your confidence in less than 5 x one hour sessions.

A coaching session should be able to take one hour if a client is up against the clock and so I want to imagine you have a big day coming up;

  • Maybe a meeting with a great client
  • The opportunity for a dream contract
  • Maybe the job that you’ve always wanted
  • Or a conversation that needs to go really well.

Whatever it is, in this short easy to action course I want you to get results fast, and not just get them fast, remember them and be able to activate them again and again and again, whatever the situation, boost your confidence so you get the results you want!

One of the reasons we don’t achieve big is because our confidence takes a nose dive. Boost your confidence and you will take more opportunities.

These golden nugget courses are just the right size to be able to make up the foundations to your success.

And I’ve helped thousands of people boost their confidence so I know how to do this, why it matters and what results you can expect as a result. Think 6 figure contracts, dream careers, audiences all loving every word you say.

Whether you run your own business, are starting your career, off to university for the first time, stepping out or stepping up, creating confidence is critically important to your success.

Let me support you.


  • November 13, 2016

Supercharge your 60 second success

In this results driven course I will be sharing my tried and tested tools and techniques that work to help people increase leads and sales.

I used to be petrified of public speaking so this includes top tips to help with that too;

  • Learn the top 5 styles of elevator pitch that get you connected.
  • The big mistakes that stop people from listening to what you have to say.
  • The scary knock-on effect that a bad elevator pitch can have on your marketing strategy.
  • Learn The keywords that need to factor in your promo slots.
  • Learn How to turn an elevator pitch into a10-minutee talk.
  • Learn How I transformed someone too scared to even say their name into a confident networker delivering elevator pitches that work!

No rambling and trying to say too much.

No nerves overruling your mouth.

This course could give you the tools to get people so interested they want to know more and buy from you.

How to create the perfect 60 seconds.

The great thing is the ideas I want to share with you in this course, are not just for your 60 seconds once a week. These ideas can make the back bone of your marketing for the week or even the month. Instead of having to come up with new ideas for your blog, social media, press release, website, etc. you can reuse this content.

But seriously with something so small can you really expect to gain new sales?

The answer is yes!

And I have the audiences that will say the same answer – yes!


  • November 13, 2016

Mandie’s Marketing Production Line

In this course, we will look at how to increase sales, gain new business even when you are busy, even if you are on a beach.

This includes;

  • Gain new business.
  • Engage effectively with existing customers (So they buy more, more often!)
  • Keep on people’s radar
  • Get known as the thought leader in their industry
  • Get in the media
  • Gain new opportunities
  • Sell new products
  • Break into new industries.

And that’s not all, to say the possibilities are quite endless is an understatement. For myself included I’ve been able to utilise an effective marketing strategy to;

  • Grow my business
  • Gain New customers
  • Ensure customers come back – Upselling and Side selling too – without doing any selling!
  • Gain new opportunities
  • Get on TV, Radio and in the national press,
  • Visit the Home Office and pose a question to the Home Secretary
  • And even have Stephen Fry say I’m a good Writer.
  • Be asked to be a featured blogger for a publication with over150,0000 readers
  • Even get my first book deal!
Mandie Holgate coach and author flat out

Mandie Holgate was flat out, yet again…

And half of the time I was able to be busy elsewhere either looking after my clients, my health, on holiday or busy elsewhere. How cool is that?

When I work with a new client who tells me they are looking to increase sales. The first question is by how much? It’s no good saying that you want to increase sales, unless you know by how much. So the first exercise you need to do is a numbers game.

Let’s get started…


  • November 13, 2016