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I work with thousands of different people, in so many ways, looking at so many subjects, and ultimately coaching is about making your brain work smarter. The way you think impacts on your results.

As I research new ideas and theories for clients I bring some of those practices to my blog so you can get some of these life changing ideas for free.

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Linkedin training

Whose recommending these long War and Peace sales messages?

Do you know how you open your messages on LinkedIn and increasingly on other social media platforms only to find ...
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laughing with mandie holgate business and life coach

A warning about investing in coaching in these tough times.

I'm utterly fuming and disgusted by something a client told me today. (I have permission to share this.) They said ...
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Forgotten Us Boris?

Forgotten Us Boris?

I don't usually use my blog for personal matters, I only use my blog to help and since this effects ...
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follow up for success

Just a thought on follow up that could revolutionise your business

I had an epiphany. Did you know there are 17 ways to get in touch with me! You can; Message ...
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feeling overwhelmed and coachings uses

Can You Coach Yourself – Top Tips to Successful Self Coaching

A great question I was asked recently on Facebook is; "Mandie can I coach myself?" Yes I think you can, but ...
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time management tool 10 day week

Time Management – too many tasks and not enough time – 10 day plan

I once was sat with a client who protested "I could have 10 days in a week and I'd still ...
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office dog essex

Corona virus and working from home – how to stay motivated, productive and achieve more!

For sole traders, freelancers and micro businesses working from home is no new thing, however we are likely to see ...
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Corona Virus and Support For Your Small Business

Corona Virus and Support For Your Small Business

It was going to happen. A speaking gig is now going to be a virtual speaking gig because the organisers ...
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Coaching women in business

International Women’s Day – how it could change your / the world

I often get dragged into debates about why do we need a woman’s only network in the 21st century since ...
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