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I work with thousands of different people, in so many ways, looking at so many subjects, and ultimately coaching is about making your brain work smarter. The way you think impacts on your results.

As I research new ideas and theories for clients I bring some of those practices to my blog so you can get some of these life changing ideas for free.

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Coaching your team - time management

You, Your team and time management – how to achieve more every day.

Not getting as much done as you would like? Please don't read another book. Please don't write another list. In ...
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social media for business

Social Media a Force For Your Success Or Your Demise – Take Control!

If you do not control social media, then social media will control you! And if you take just 2 minutes ...
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ditch the guilt own who you are

The joy of 20.1.20

Writing 20.1.20 makes me so happy. It's about the science of who you are. I always thought I was a ...
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Mandie holgate work ethic business values

Stress Free Guide to Exams – Works on anyone looking to achieve more at stressful times too!

As I sit next to my snoozing poorly daughter who has another migraine (In the hope we can starve it ...
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Why try is bad for business and leadership

Do or do not there is no try – A quick way to a new level of success.

That is a sentence that I’ve held dearly for so many years. It helps you when you want to achieve ...
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t's the first question mandie holgate

How to Effectively Set Goals in Life to Get Where You Really Want to Be in 2020

I’d love just a penny for every time I’ve been able to help someone achieve their big goals fast with ...
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christmas stress mandie holgate

Stressing Over Christmas And Your 2020 Success

Do people really stress about Christmas? You know one day in a whole year of days? Did you stress about ...
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Building great teams that work together development leadership

How to break down the barriers to lasting change for any team

Every business needs everyone that works for it to behave and act in a certain way. This becomes a problem ...
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woman charges family for christmas dinner the truth about business coach mandie holgate

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

I was saddened that I had a 10 minute phone interview (that I signed off on and then was changed. And ...
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